Why Large Patches Are Better Than Small Patches

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Why Large Patches Are Better Then Small Patches

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Big patches are better! Ever wondered why? Let’s get into to find why large patches are better than small patches

04 Reasons Why Large Patches Are Better Than Small Patches?

If you have a mind to make a custom embroidery patch for your company’s logo then the idea of going with a large patch works well. Why? Because the more the area the more possibilities of turning your imagination into reality as much as possible.

There are so many advantages of having a large custom patch however, the small custom embroidered patches can also be crammed onto anything however the visibility comes from big ones!

Here are the reasons why large patches are better than small patches.

  1. Big patches show a clear image
  2. Big patches are more visible
  3. Large patches have more legible text
  4. Patch size does matter

Big patches show a clear image

Big patches are coherent to the human eye! Yes. The fact why big patches are always preferred over small patches is because of the seamless network of threads that are used to form the image of the custom embroidered patches. The threads used in a large patch are great in number which gives the patch a more blended look and makes it stand out perfectly. However, the cherry on the top is the pixels or mosaic of the display screens. Regardless of the shapes and sizes customized patches for clothing are made from top-quality threads and twills and in equivalent dimensions.

Big patches show a clear image

Big patches are more visible

Large patches with bold text are a perfect idea for custom patches. Bigger patches are better to ascertain and easier to remember. Have you ever seen large patches with bold capitalized letters and contrasting colors with a wide variety of attractive borders and designs? It’s probably the best practice to use custom large embroidered patches to incorporate text, design, and graphics – all in one patch and make it look eye-catching. Patches are a playful thing, if you use the right ideas for making it more noticeable they will display the meaning of your patch in a way better than you think.

Large patches have more legible text

A text with more precision and clarity is easier to read. Unlike smaller patches, big patches with letters that are sewn into the patch with more detailed attention are particularly crucial if you want that the text of your patch must be readable even from some distance. For marketing, a brand’s logo, or a club name the large patches are perfect because they cannot be overlooked like small patches. So remember, the text requires a detailed focus when it comes to making a custom embroidered patch.

3. Large patches have more legible text

Patch size does matter

Big patches are best. This detail is supported by all the previous three points. Yes, patch size is all that matters! Because a large-sized patch carries a lot of information more clearly. More space offers limitless creativity to add to a custom patch. So custom embroidered patches size matters which the buyer can customize according to the need.

Why does big patch look so different and so much better?

A simple answer is size! Large patches look simply aesthetic. Do you know why? When making a custom embroidered patch first thing you need to consider is the size. You probably know which patch size works for you. The key to finding what is the best patch size is to keep in mind that smaller patches are perfect for simple designs or with no text/small text, on the other hand, large patches are best used for more complex designs large text, and intricate details.

big patch look

Large patches look different because they look more stylish with bold text, large lettering, and striking colors. No matter where they are placed they can be visible to every eye and looks eye-catching on clothing, bags, jackets, vests, and tees. Style large embroidered patches with almost anything you want and it will get attention every time you wear it.


Why large patches are better than small patches? We got you covered. Not to mention but you can also get a quote for customized small patches in a high-quality fabulous look from Austintrim. However, if you want a patch design that is rich in detail go with the large embroidered patches. A professional patch manufacturer will help guide you through the process to get a perfect patch size.

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