How to Find Cool and Trendy Custom Patches for Your Biker Clubs and Jackets?

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Hey, are you looking for cool custom patches for your biker club?  We got you right here! Yeah, we all know that every biker and cycling group is always fanatical about their ride. It’s just amazing to get yourself a biker/cycling group patch that makes you the one from that community or club. No matter which biker or cycling group you join or what kind of personality and appearance you got, there is always something for everyone.

So there are different types of custom biker patches and rockers that you can put on your biker jackets. As bikers are recognized through different colors and symbols these custom biker patches should be cool and trendy. In this article, we will discuss how to find cool and trendy custom patches for your biker or cycling clubs and which patches go well for different biking/cycling groups. So let’s tune in!

What Are The Different Types of Patches?

Discussed below types of patches used to make custom biker patches:

Custom Woven Patches

Custom woven patches are made using fine, thin threads to provide a more detailed look to the biker patch. Custom woven patches are comparatively crafted with attention and utmost precision.

Custom Bullion Patches

Custom bullion patches consist of a three-dimensional design, are made of tight wire stitching, and often have expensive shine and texture. These crest patches, which have names written on them, require a more formal or scholarly experience.

Custom Embroidered

Custom embroidered patches are high-quality, classic, vintage appearance patches. These patches have an excellent depth and texture and, are a perfect go-to patch for every personality and style. Just choose your favorite colored patch from a huge variety of custom patches.

Custom Embroidered

Iron-on Patches

To make your custom biker patch look more impressive and elegant choose iron-on patches. Iron on patches is an excellent choice if you need a bold impression on your jacket or apparel. These patches are serving us for decades. Easy-to-apply iron-on patches offer a new sports look to your jackets hats and other clothing.

Here are some great tips to make your custom biker patch stands out:

  • Choose an eye-catching design for your patch
  • Design your biking/cycling group logo or name in the largest part of the iron-on patch so it can become more evident and clearer on the whole.

Custom Printed Patches

Custom printed patches are a great way to apply custom biker patches to jackets. It saves you embroidery cost, you just need to have a photograph of the specific biker group design, pattern, or image that you want to get printed onto the patch and you are ready to get your desired look!

Custom Leather Patches

Custom leather patches are a sophisticated type of apparel. These patches are perfect for motorcycle associations, biker logos, and custom letters for jackets.

Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC patches are unique because of their features such as being waterproof, weather-resistant, and durable. These patches have a 3D design that creates exceptional patches for biker clubs and jackets. These patches are excellent for biker jackets.

Things that need to be Considered When Making Patches As Per Biking Group

Every biker group has a specific set of rules that need to be carefully understood and followed. To better understand these rules, you must know the basics before you join any biker or cycling club. Each biker club has rules for bikers that they must have to abide by. The patches also vary from each group. However, the first and the most important rule is “never assume what you see.” It may happen sometimes, that new bikers see a patch of a biking group and assume their meaning. Don’t try to be mistaken!

Before you find out what type of custom motorcycle vest patches custom patch you want ask the meaning of that specific biker logo. Other important understandings of a set of rules to get a custom biker patch are mentioned here:

  • Know what your local biker group patch looks like.
  • Consider the design, color, logo, and pattern of the club’s patch.
  • Find out which colors are acceptable and which not, as every biker groups have certain rules about which patches color can be worn and how to wear them.
  • Make sure you know the right placement of the patch. As each biker group has different placement criteria for their patches.
  • If you are new, make sure to ask before you apply any biker group’s patch.

Where are the very best placements for custom biker patches?

As discussed earlier, for different biking clubs the meaning of patches is different. So when it comes to biker patches the colors, and patches of one group signify one thing and in other groups, the meaning changes completely. As for the placement, you must know that there are many areas where a custom biker patch could be attached however you must know which motorcycle group has what placement:

Patch placements for custom motorcycle patches are following:

  1. Jacket Back: A big patch on the center of the patch
  2. Jacket Front: A small patch on either the right or left side of the upper-body area – or at both.
  3. Jacket Sleeve: A small patch on either side – or at both sides.

Custom motorcycle club back patches can be attached according to specific guidelines. Generally, it can be:

  1. One large patch in the center
  2. One top rocker patch
  3. One bottom rocker patch
  4. An MC Patch alongside the large center patch


With our list of trendy patches, you can never miss out on a chance to make a cool and stylish look for your biker jackets. To keep up with the latest trends, and to be on top of the game we are here to design the best Custom Patches for Your Biker Clubs!

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