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The clothes that we wear every day are different. Some labels are silk, polyester, cotton, linen, and some are jeans. If the color of the cloth is different, it will be obvious that the washing method will be a little bit different. If you want your clothes to be long-wear, you have to respect your clothes and take good care also. Every cloth has an attached care label to them. There are some symbolic signs on it. Through those symbolic signs, the manufacturer companies explain the method of washing and taking care of the cloth. Often people don’t understand these symbols of care labels. This article will help you understand these symbols of care. Care labels have usually had some symbols related to washing, bleach, drying, ironing, and dry cleaning. Washing and taking care instructions knowing about the aftercare that an item requires is key information to know prior to buying as it will impact how many times you wear it in the future. Following the care, the label is really important to help your cloth last longer. Usually, there are many types of laundry icons and some are discussed below:

Washing Symbol
This section symbol contains information on how the garments can be washed and in what manner they cannot be washed. If there is a mark of a bucket filled with water on the care label, it means that the cloth can be washed. If there is a line on the bottom of the bucket filled with water then it needs to be pressed permanently. Delicate and gentle wash means you have to wash carefully. Sometimes hand wash icon is there to wash the cloth. So you need to hand wash your cloth. Washing in the machine can damage your garment.
Bleaching Symbol
The triangle mark shows when the cloth needs the bleach wash. If it is like this in the care label, it means that the cloth can be bleached. If the triangle mark is cut with a cross then you should not be bleached your cloth


Dry Cleaning Symbol
We all know that different solvents are used in dry cleaning. If the label has a circle it means that you need to dry clean your cloth only. Crossed circle means the product should not dry clean, you can give a safe wash at home also.
Ironing Symbol
Check the label before you iron or you will end up with creases in the wrong places, or worse. A symbol of iron with a single dot inside it means iron at a low temperature, two dots indicate you can warm up to 150ºc. Whereas three dots show that you can have a blast on your garment at 200ºc. Iron with a cross symbol means that no ironing at all.


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