Swivel J Hook in lanyard

It is a clasp used to connect different things like lanyards, or any anchor. It can easily be rotated vertically as well as horizontally.

Bulldog Clips in lanyard

It has a metal clip that holds or grips the card or badge with grooved teeth. It is used as a temporary but firm connection for ID cards or papers.

Star Cotton Tape
Star Cotton Tape

The elastic in the star cotton tape band is made from woven, rubber and cotton. It is an essential material in the textile industry because of its versatility and extensive use.

Twill tape polyester
Twill tape polyester

Twill tape is a herringbone flat twill woven material or fabric ribbon or tape .It is mainly used in tailoring and sewing to make casings, and reinforcing seams.

Twill Tape Cotton
Twill Tape Cotton

Twill tape is a herringbone flat twill woven material or fabric ribbon or tape. There are two types of twill tape cotton and polyester.

ceramic mug
Ceramic Mug

The ceramic mug has the ability to keep the drink warm by retaining heat compared to the other type of mugs.


Coasters can be personalized in so many ways which is why they are a top hit. You can customize them in any colour, design, style, shape or material.

Knitted elastic
Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastic is the most widely used cost-effective option that provide the perfect comfort and elasticity. It can be quickly manufactured.

Woven elastic
Woven Elastic

Woven elastic is the most famous and budget-friendly solution for branding your garments, textiles, and crafts.

Grosgrain ribbons
Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbons are also handmade, making them unique and are a popular type of ribbon famous for its textured ridges, sturdiness and huge range of colors.


The Process Of Creating Best Custom Clothing Labels

Are you thinking about creating your own custom clothing label with the logo but do not know where to start? Then you came to the right place. We will make every step of the process easy and explainable to you so that you get the most information about the steps.