Custom-printed patches offer a versatile and eye-catching solution for personalized branding and self-expression. Using advanced printing techniques, these patches allow for intricate designs, vibrant colors, and fine details to be reproduced with precision. Whether it’s logos, artwork, or text, screen printing patches provide a high level of customization, enabling businesses, organizations, and individuals to showcase their unique identities.

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Disclaimer note : For businesses in Texas that cannotprovide resale certificate sales tax will be applied on final sale

Competitive Prices

With quality Austin Trim’s prices beats everyone, starting from $4.68/pc Look out for our seasonal promo codes for more discounts.

Quality Guarantee

Our factories inspect every order to make sure we meet our high standards as well as yours.

Fast Production Turnaround

12 Business Days Time – We ensure that your order is processed and delivered to meet almost any deadline.

Low Minimums

Best for startups and fashion designers looking for low-quantity production. Taking orders as low as 50 pc.

Sample Lead Time

Austin Trim team prepares your order sample within 03 business days and standard order delivery in only 15 days