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A Symbol of Quality

PVC patches have the capability of the most intricate designs next to metal work. They are made of PVC which is a rubber-like material having soft and smooth outlook. It is the best option if you need 3D effect in your patches having the most pronounced 3D elements. The design capability allows to neatly create thin lines and small letters for text.
It is one of the most durable patch designs from among the mix as it is not affected by anything like extreme temperatures and is water-proof making it ideal for tough outdoor use along with being convenient to wash or clean. They are often known to outlast the article of clothing or gear they are attached to. They can be attached to either garments or hard surfaces, including keychains, headwear, sports equipment, bags, shoes etc. It can be permanently attached with sewing, or Velcro can be used if you prefer the freedom of removing and re-attaching. It is not iron-safe and could melt if ironed directly.
pvc patches

Competitive Prices

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Quality Guarantee

Our factories inspect every order to make sure we meet our high standards as well as yours.

Fast Turnaround

5 – 7 Days Lead Time – We ensure that your order is processed and delivered to meet almost any deadline.

Low Minimums

Best for startups and fashion designers looking for low quantity production. Taking orders as low as 100 pcs.


Create your labels, patches and packaging items amazingly unique and customized to get what you dreamed of.

base material

Base Material

We offer variety of base material with best fits with your desired look and feel.



Different types of backing is used to apply a patch on various fabrics and material.


Border & Edge

After choosing the style and shape of patch, we also offer different kinds of thread to warp around fabric.


Premium Upgrades

Give your patch an enhanced look by various upgrades like premium threads, buttons, styles etc.

Design Process

Concept Stage

If your designs are ready? Great! If not we take your idea, artwork or even a sketch to build on your final design.

Pre-Production Sample

Using the specs you give us, a digital sample is sent to you for approval. We can even ship you a physical sample if required.

Final Product & Delivery

Once product is ready, we check quality and ship your order as soon as possible to meet your deadline using the most cost effective shipping method.

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