Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastic is also known as knitted ribbon or tape, mainly used for decoration and clothing. This elastic is used in clothing and textile factories to finish and design clothing pieces.

Fashion brands and garment factories utilize knitted elastic because they are great for finishing the end product, stretchiness, and beautiful knitting. The elastic is very soft and luxuriously comfortable.

Austin Trim makes creative, eye-catchy, and unique knitted elastic that are both high-quality and durable. So get a deal and place your order with us right now!

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Why Choose Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastic is the most cost-effective option that offers the ideal comfort and elasticity. The elastic can be quickly manufactured as it has the shortest production time compared to other flat elastics. So tremendous amount of knitted elastic can be created quickly.

Knitted elastic is widely used in clothing, medical and textile industries and has different types based on colours like black elastic, white elastic, optical white, and beige elastic.

The main ingredient in the manufacturing of knitted elastic is a nylon and polyester blend that makes them affordable and durable enough to withstand extended use.

knitted elastic tape
  • Knitted elastic is super lightweight and comfortable.
  • This elastic is ideal for light clothes.
  • It can remarkably retain its shape, width, and elasticity.
  • It has excellent durability.
  • Knitted elastic will work with a long-lasting effect.
  • t is plush and luxurious to the touch.
  • It has a fantastic finishing look.
  • It takes less time to be manufactured.
  • Knitted elastic is a cost-effective option.
  • Low-quality color of knitted elastic tends to fade quickly.

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Frequently Asked Question [From Buyers]

The elastic does not get narrow when stretched in knitted elastic because it does not have much fibre or rubber for stretchiness compared to woven elastic or braided elastic.

The main ingredient of knitted elastic is polyester and nylon. This blend makes it super durable and affordable.

Knitted elastic is widely used in the clothing, medical and textile industries.

At Austin Trim, we offer the following sizes for elastic bands, and they are 18mm 3/4 inches, 12mm 1/2 inches, 24mm 1 inch, 36mm1- 1/2 inches, 50mm 2 inches, 63mm 2-1/2 inches, 75mm 3 inches,100mm 4 inches and custom size as well.

We offer an engraved logo, a unique way of designing, and a woven logo fully customizable in color and design.

For our elastic band, we have two materials that are high-quality 100% polyester and 100% nylon.

We offer white, black, and natural base colors. We also have colors that will match the dye on the elastic. You can also choose any custom colors.

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