star cotton tape

Star Cotton Tape

The star cotton tape band’s elastic is made from either natural or synthetic rubber, strong adhesive glue, and woven and cotton material. It is a great type of material in the textile industry because of its extensive use and versatility.

The star cotton tapes are very luxurious and comfortable, which is the reason they are widely utilized in plush and comfortable clothes.

Austin Trim makes creative, eye-catchy, unique star cotton tape that is both high-quality and durable. So get a deal and place your order with us right now!

Why Choose Star Cotton Tape

An elastic star cotton tape or band is synonymous with comfort and ease in clothing. It is mostly present in dresses, pants, and other garments that need the waist of the product to be stretchy enough to easily pull on.

A start cotton tape used in pants, skirts or trousers waistbands will allow free movements and will be great with every body type because of its elasticity and ability to stretch.

Good Elastic For Swimwear

Is Star Cotton Tape A Good Elastic For Swimwear

A star cotton tape allows breathability, easy blood circulation and of course easy movement which some other materials do not offer. Star cotton tape makes you feel at ease and keeps your clothing pieces in place without any tightness.

The need for zippers and buttons was reduced because elastic bands like star cotton tape make the waistband’s more comfortable and straightforward option.

  • Star cotton tape has good elasticity.
  • It has great adhesiveness and strength.
  • It is a good choice for swimwear.
  • It is luxurious and comfortable against the skin.
  • The tape may lose its elasticity.

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Frequently Asked Question [From Buyers]

Star cotton tape are famous for their durability and comfort. The main materials used are cotton, nylon, woven and rubber, making it stretchable and long-lasting.

We offer engraved logo, a unique way of designing, and woven logo fully customizable in color and design.

At Austin Trim, we offer the following sizes for elastic bands and they are 18mm 3/4 inches, 12mm 1/2 inches, 24mm 1 inch, 36mm1- 1/2 inches, 50mm 2 inches, 63mm 2-1/2 inches, 75mm 3 inches,100mm 4 inches and custom size as well.

For our elastic band we have two material that are high-quality 100% polyester and 100% nylon.

We offer white, black, and natural base colours. We also have colours that will match the dye on the elastic. You can also choose any custom colours.