How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost

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How Much Do Custom Challenge Coins Cost

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Challenge coin’s uses and functions have broken all the set boundaries, and now they are used in several ways for promoting a brand, branding, and also identifying any business, company, or brand. Challenge coins are an amazing way to promote your brand among your clients and customers and if you are thinking about how much custom challenge coins cost then we have the answer for you. A Challenge coin is a metal coin or a medallion that is used by some organizations as an award or token of appreciation to their members. They are very traditional for military individuals.

The pricing of custom challenge coins depends upon certain factors like coloration, size, quantity, and other such personalizing factors. Most of the time the challenge coins have a logo designed on them or insignia of the organization or brand.


Typically the challenge coins cost between $3 to $5 and the cost can reduce or increase with different factors like the amount of the challenge coins, the number of colors, and other such customizing things like shapes or text.

What Are The Components Of Cost Of Challenge Coins

The two-component of the cost of a custom challenge coin is the mold fee and the coin order. The mold is a type of cylindrical piece made of tool steep that we could machine and then reverse for the design and then have a stamp on the coin. The stamp is the die strike that adds the design to the challenge coins.

The other component of cost is the amount of order and their size. If the size of the challenge coin will be more then the bulk order will have high pricing

Challenge Coins Are A Sign Of Comradeship

Challenge coins are a sign of commemoration and a sign of comradeship between military members and different law enforcement services. These challenge coins are now serving as an amazing bridge between brands and their clients or customers.

What Do Custom Challenge Coin Show

Since forever, challenge coins have been a sign of achievement and a symbol of camaraderie. They show a sense of belonging to a certain organization particular team, group, unit, business, and specific organization. Challenge coins are a sign of achieving goals and difficult milestones together as a group or a team. So they are often worn or used on a special anniversaries, specific occasions, events, and significant achievements.

How To Use Custom Challenge Coins For The Growth Of Your Business

Challenge coins are highly used to promote brands and companies and such companies and brands now and then award their staff with such challenge coins as tokens of appreciation and used as badges. They are more popular than badges and trophies because they are an advanced form of showing support and appreciation.

Companies and brands and getting custom challenge coins made to showcase their brand and company’s logo and name as they are very eye-pleasing and distinguishable. There are tons of ways to customize challenge coins so they are super versatile and could be personalized in different shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and text.

Challenge coins are so famous because they are eye-catching and elegant and they are super budget-friendly so you do not have to pay a lot to get custom challenge coins made. Challenge coins are a unique and modern form of reward and they are highly valued among soldiers and other law enforcement departments. Sometimes they are used as an epitome of comradeship and friendship.

Challenge Coins: A Way To Show Support

Challenge coins are perfect for showing your support and motivation and they are very cheap than the trophies they are easy to carry around with you so which makes them an ideal choice. They can also foster a special message, culture, or value for any institution or organization. They are amazing to showcase one’s accomplishments and achievements.

Pros Of Challenge Coins

  • Challenge coins are a unique and modern kind of award.
  • They are eye-catching and elegant.
  • They are great for branding purposes.
  • They are preferred by staff and employees instead of trophies.
  • They are appealing and distinctive forms of camaraderie.
  • They are great for showing support and motivation.
  • Challenge coins are ideal to increase morale.
  • They are very customizable and versatile.
  • They are great to highlight your business.

Cons of challenge coins


In this segment, we discussed the cost of the custom challenge coins and the main components of the cost of the custom challenge coins. To answer the impending question of How much custom challenge coins cost? It depends upon the personalizing effect but usually, they cost around $3 to $5 per coin for about 100 coins. The coloring, shapes, text, and design on the challenge coins also affect the pricing.

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