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Custom challenge coins are unique and treasured mementos that hold significant value in various organizations, military units, businesses, and clubs. These coins, with their rich history dating back to military traditions, are custom-made to represent a specific group, commemorate special events, or recognize outstanding achievements. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, custom challenge coins often feature intricate designs, emblems, and personalized inscriptions that embody the identity and pride of the organization or individuals they represent.

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Here is a step-by-step buying guide of ordering your custom challenge coins


Click on Get A Quote which you can find on the top of right hand side. Fill in the required fields, including your contact details, shipping address, and any specific details.


Browse through the available products to find the specific custom challenge coins that meet your requirements. Select the desired size, shape, and any other customization options.


Pay attention to the product description, which usually includes important information such as the minimum order quantity, turnaround time (the time it takes to produce the patches), and delivery time (the estimated time for the patches to reach you).


Choose the desired color combination, size, backing options, the number of material colors you want to include in the design, and your preferred delivery option and click on ‘next’. Enter the date by which you want the product and sampling method you prefer. If you have any extra instruction add them as well along with artwork you already have with you. Then enter ‘Request Quote Form’.


After submitting the “Get a Quote” form, you will receive a quotation from us. The quotation will outline the cost per patch, any additional fees (such as setup or shipping charges), and the total cost. Review the quotation carefully and if you’re satisfied, accept it to proceed with the order.

  • Sampling:

    Depending on the complexity of your design or the quantity ordered, we may provide a physical sample for your approval before proceeding with full production. Take the time to carefully examine the sample, ensuring it meets your expectations in terms of design, color, and quality. Provide your approval or request revisions if necessary.

  • Invoice and payment:

    Once the quotation is accepted or the sampling is approved, we will generate an invoice for the total amount due. Review the invoice and follow the provided payment instructions to complete the payment process. Accepted payment methods usually include credit cards, bank transfers, or online payment platforms. This steps is same for 3D challenge coins and die struck challenge coins and epoxy dome challenge coins.

  • Production process:

    After receiving payment, we will initiate the production process. This includes setting up the loom, selecting the thread colors, and weaving the patches according to your approved design. The production time will depend on factors such as the quantity ordered and our production schedule. This step is the same for soft enamel coins, hard enamel coins.

  • Delivery:

    Once the production is complete, the custom challenge will be carefully packaged and shipped to your specified address. You will receive a confirmation of the shipment along with tracking details to monitor the progress of your order. Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method

Challenge Coins: A Collector’s Item

Challenge coins are historically awarded to the military soldiers by their unit commander in appreciation and recognition of some remarkable and courageous achievements.
Challenge coins are traded and exchanged during the visits of various international organizations during service tours.
Challenge coins are heavily collected by some retired and active law enforcement personnel and service members.

Different Types Of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have different types, and every type is more impressive than the other. Let’s look at some of the types of challenge coins.

Soft Enamel Challenge Coin

Soft does not mean soft but a coin with edges that can be felt when touched. The soft challenge coin is a type of challenge coin where the surface has not been polished. The coin’s raised edges and textured feel make it unique and appealing to the eye.

Hard Enamel Challenge Coin

Hard enamel challenge coins have a luxurious and more refined feel to them. They are created by stamping the design on the coin. It does not have raised edges; instead, it has a soft feel because they are polished to give them a unique sheen.

3D cast challenge coins

Such coins have a 3D design cast over the surface of the coin. These coins have recessed and raised areas like the sculptures.

Die struck challenge coin

Die-struck challenge coins are created with a steel die to strike a design or image onto the flat space of copper, iron, or brass coin. These coins can be created in 3D and 3D detailing with enhanced design, detain, and size

Epoxy challenge coins

Epoxy challenge coins have a thick layer that gives them a distinct and tough look. The surface of the challenge coin gets shiny and smooth. These types of challenge coins are an affordable and unique option compared to hard enamel challenge coins.

Competitive Prices

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Quality Guarantee

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Clients Testimonials

What do Challenge coins illustrate?

For ages, challenge coins have been a symbol of achievement and camaraderie. They illustrate the sense of belonging to a particular team, unit, business, and organization. They are the sign of achieving goals and milestones together as a group or team. They are often worn or used on a special anniversary, event, or significant achievement

Get your custom challenge coins with us

If you want to make your custom challenge coins and already know what you are looking for, then half of the work is done. Handing precious ideas can be stressful and exciting for the customer. We will turn your unique ideas into reality and will handle all the details with care and responsibility.


Custom challenge coins are used by various groups, including military units, law enforcement agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, sports teams, and clubs, as well as for promotional and commemorative purposes.

Custom challenge coins are typically made of metals like brass, copper, zinc, or iron. Some may have special finishes like gold or silver plating.

Yes, many manufacturers allow customers to fully customize their challenge coins, including design, size, shape, colors, and other details.

Custom challenge coins are available in various sizes, but the standard diameter is often between 1.5 inches to 2 inches.

While challenge coins have military origins, they are now widely used in civilian contexts as well, serving as recognition awards, commemorative items, and promotional tokens.

The production time for custom challenge coins can vary depending on the design complexity and order quantity.

Yes, we offer flexible minimum order quantities, allowing customers to order custom challenge coins in smaller batches.

Yes, custom challenge coins can incorporate special features like 3D designs, cutouts, and even epoxy coating for added depth and visual appeal.

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