Custom Printed Ceramic Mug

Custom printed ceramic mugs offer a versatile and personalized way to enjoy your favorite beverages while showcasing your unique style or brand. These mugs are made from durable ceramic material, providing both functional use and a canvas for creativity. Whether you’re looking to create promotional merchandise, personalized gifts, or branded items for your business, custom printed ceramic mugs allow you to imprint logos, designs, photos, or messages that resonate with your intended audience.

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Here is a step-by-step buying guide of ordering your Printed Ceramic Mugs


Click on Get A Quote which you can find on the top of right hand side. Fill in the required fields, including your contact details, shipping address, and any specific details.


Browse through the available products to find the specific Printed Ceramic Mugs that meet your requirements. Select the desired size, shape, and any other customization options.


Pay attention to the product description, which usually includes important information such as the minimum order quantity, turnaround time (the time it takes to produce the mug), and delivery time (the estimated time for the mugs to reach you).


Depending on the website’s functionality, you may have the option to either directly order the product or request a quote. If you’re ready to proceed, add the desired quantity to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you’re unsure about the pricing or want to discuss specific details, request a quote instead.


After submitting the “Get a Quote” form, you will receive a quotation from us. The quotation will outline the cost per mug, any additional fees (such as setup or shipping charges), and the total cost. Review the quotation carefully and if you’re satisfied, accept it to proceed with the order.

  • Sampling:

    Depending on the complexity of your design or the quantity ordered, we may provide a physical sample for your approval before proceeding with full production. Take the time to carefully examine the sample, ensuring it meets your expectations in terms of design, color, and quality. Provide your approval or request revisions if necessary.

  • Invoice and payment:

    Once the quotation is accepted or the sampling is approved, we will generate an invoice for the total amount due. Review the invoice and follow the provided payment instructions to complete the payment process. Accepted payment methods usually include credit cards, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.

  • Production process:

    After receiving payment, we will initiate the production process. This includes setting up the loom, selecting the thread colors, and weaving the mugs according to your approved design. The production time will depend on factors such as the quantity ordered and our production schedule.

  • Delivery:

    Once the production is complete, the Custom Printed Ceramic Mugs will be carefully packaged and shipped to your specified address. You will receive a confirmation of the shipment along with tracking details to monitor the progress of your order. Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method.

    By following these ten steps, you can successfully order Custom Printed Ceramic Mugs ensuring that your requirements are met and that the mugs are delivered to you in a timely manner.

Printed Ceramic Mug Gallery

Why Ceramic Mugs Are An Ideal Choice

If you want to keep your drink warm for a longer period of time then a ceramic mug is an ideal choice for you. The ceramic mug has the ability to keep the drink warm by retaining heat compared to the other type of mugs. Conduction of heat in a ceramic mug is slow that is why it is best for heat insulation.

Competitive Prices

With quality Austin Trim’s prices beats everyone, starting from $3.75/pc Look out for our seasonal promo codes for more discounts.

Quality Guarantee

Our factories inspect every order to make sure we meet our high standards as well as yours.

Fast Production Turnaround

5 Business Days Time – We ensure that your order is processed and delivered to meet almost any deadline.

Low Minimums

Best for startups and fashion designers looking for low quantity production. Taking orders as low as 12/pc.

Sample Lead Time

Austin Trim team prepares your order sample within 03 business days and standard order delivery in only 10days

Clients Testimonials


Custom printed ceramic mugs are mugs made from ceramic material that can be customized with personalized designs, images, or messages.

You can choose to print logos, photos, artwork, or messages on ceramic mugs using different printing methods.

Some custom printed mugs might be dishwasher-safe, but it’s recommended to check with the manufacturer to ensure longevity.

Most manufacturers offer both single mug and bulk order options to cater to individual needs and business requirements.

Custom printing methods can vary, but high-quality prints are usually permanent and resist fading with proper care.

Custom printed mugs are suitable for various occasions, including corporate gifting, promotional giveaways, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Generally, hand washing custom printed mugs is recommended to preserve the longevity of the print. Dishwashing might affect some printing methods.

Yes, ceramic mugs are suitable for both hot and cold beverages, making them versatile for different drink preferences.

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