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Woven elastic is a versatile and reliable material that brings both functionality and comfort to a variety of sewing and crafting projects. Crafted through a weaving process, this type of elastic features a strong and flexible structure created by interlacing fibers. Woven elastic offers consistent stretch and recovery, making it an excellent choice for applications that require reliable support and fit. Its durability and resilience make it suitable for use in waistbands, cuffs, sleeves, and various other fabric closures.

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Here is a step-by-step buying guide of ordering your knitted elastic:


Click on Get A Quote which you can find on the top of right hand side. Fill in the required fields, including your contact details, shipping address, and any specific details.


Browse through the available products to find the specific woven elastic that meet your requirements. Select the desired size, shape, and any other customization options.


Pay attention to the product description, which usually includes important information such as the minimum order quantity, turnaround time (the time it takes to produce the elastic), and delivery time (the estimated time for the elastic to reach you).


Depending on the website’s functionality, you may have the option to either directly order the product or request a quote. If you’re ready to proceed, add the desired quantity to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you’re unsure about the pricing or want to discuss specific details, request a quote instead.


After submitting the “Get a Quote” form, you will receive a quotation from us. The quotation will outline the cost per elastic, any additional fees (such as setup or shipping charges), and the total cost. Review the quotation carefully and if you’re satisfied, accept it to proceed with the order.

  • Sampling:

    Depending on the complexity of your design or the quantity ordered, we may provide a physical sample for your approval before proceeding with full production. Take the time to carefully examine the sample, ensuring it meets your expectations in terms of design, color, and quality. Provide your approval or request revisions if necessary.

  • Invoice and payment:

    Once the quotation is accepted or the sampling is approved, we will generate an invoice for the total amount due. Review the invoice and follow the provided payment instructions to complete the payment process. Accepted payment methods usually include credit cards, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.

  • Production process:

    After receiving payment, we will initiate the production process. This includes setting up the loom, selecting the thread colors, and weaving the elastic according to your approved design. The production time will depend on factors such as the quantity ordered and our production schedule.

  • Delivery:

    Once the production is complete, the custom woven elastic will be carefully packaged and shipped to your specified address. You will receive a confirmation of the shipment along with tracking details to monitor the progress of your order. Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the chosen shipping method.

    By following these ten steps, you can successfully order woven elastic, ensuring that your requirements are met and that the elastic are delivered to you in a timely manner.

  • Consistent Stretch and Recovery: Woven elastic offers reliable and consistent stretch and recovery, maintaining its shape and support over time.
  • Durability: Its strong and resilient woven structure enhances its durability, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Secure Grip: Woven elastic’s textured surface provides a secure grip on fabrics, preventing slipping and ensuring it stays in place during wear.
  • Versatility: Woven elastic is suitable for a wide range of sewing projects, including waistbands, cuffs, sleeves, and fabric closures.
  • Long-Lasting: The ability to retain its shape and elasticity over time contributes to woven elastic’s long-lasting performance.
  • Comfort: Woven elastic’s stretch and flexibility offer comfort without compromising on support, making it ideal for clothing and accessories.
  • Wide Range of Widths: Woven elastic is available in various widths, allowing you to choose the right size for your project.
  • Ease of Sewing: It’s easy to sew onto fabrics, providing a smooth and neat finish without creating bulk.
  • Stretch: Woven elastic might have slightly less stretch compared to knitted elastic, which could affect certain applications.
  • Softness: While durable, woven elastic might have a slightly less soft texture than other elastic types.

Why Choose Woven Elastic

A woven elastic band is the tightest and strongest elastic band among the other types of elastic bands, and this is the reason for its wide usage in the apparel and clothing industry.

Woven elastic bands are now used in various types of products like in cuffs, the hem of clothing, and also in the waistbands of some pants or trousers. Sportwear is something woven elastic has taken over.

Choose Woven Elastic
Natural Or Artificial Elastic

Woven Elastic As A Natural Or Artificial Elastic

A woven elastic band can be manufactured with natural as well as man-made fibres. These fibres include cotton and polyester and by wefting and warping threads woven elastic is created. It is then interweaved with rubber. rubber can be both natural latex or synthetic or which is ideal to offer the renowned elasticity and durability of woven elastic.

No-Roll Elastic Woven Band

The other name for the woven elastic band is the no-roll elastic band. It is considered a very robust strong garment elastic. The non-roll band is famous for its horizontal and vertical ribs. The most fantastic thing about this elastic band is that it never narrows down even when stretched to its full limit.

The cool thing about this band is that it does not lose its reliance even after it is sewn on the fabric, which is not available in other bands. So many woven bands are good for heavy-duty use and application.

Woven elastic is thus ideal for utilizing in heavyweight material clothing like in outerwear.

Roll Elastic Woven Band
Woven Elastic Is So Popular

Why Woven Elastic Is So Popular

What would be more ideal than a woven elastic band that is created by the process of wrapping and wefting the fabric with synthetic rubber or natural rubber? It offers a snug fit that is required by activewear. Nevertheless, it makes the elastic band super robust and durable. That is the reason why it is so popular and has a huge use in every type of clothing industry that needs some elasticity.

Physical activities are becoming a trend and norm these days, and with this arise, individuals are looking for appropriate gear that will meet all their needs.

Activewear should fulfil all the requirements of physical activities like jumping, running and swimming. Unlike day clothes activewear has to be suitable enough to allow easy body movements.

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Woven elastic is versatile and can be used in various sewing projects, such as waistbands, cuffs, sleeves, and fabric closures.

Yes, its woven structure enhances its durability, allowing it to withstand repeated stretching and use.

Yes, woven elastic’s ability to retain its shape and elasticity contributes to its long-lasting performance.

Absolutely, woven elastic offers reliable support and comfort, making it an ideal choice for clothing and accessory applications.

Yes, woven elastic is easy to sew onto fabrics, providing a neat finish without creating bulk.

Yes, woven elastic is available in various widths to accommodate different project requirements.

While it offers consistent stretch, woven elastic might have slightly less stretch compared to some other elastic types.

Yes, woven elastic’s durable structure makes it suitable for various applications, including those requiring reliable support.

Yes, woven elastic is available in various colors, although finding exact color matches might vary due to dye lots.

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