Woven Elastic

Woven elastic is the type of elastic band famous for its remarkable elasticity, ability to move and bend, and not to narrow down while stretching. A woven elastic band is the best option when looking for high-strength elasticity.

A woven band is manufactured with cotton and polyester. The cotton material is responsible for making the band comfortable. The polyester material makes the elastic band more robust and durable than the other type of elastic.

Polyester and cotton both add extra appeal, durability and strength to the woven elastic band.

The woven elastic band has great robustness; that is why it can be utilized for heavy-duty items like strapping, car covers and home decorating.

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Why Choose Woven Elastic

A woven elastic band is the tightest and strongest elastic band among the other types of elastic bands, and this is the reason for its wide usage in the apparel and clothing industry.

Woven elastic bands are now used in various types of products like in cuffs, the hem of clothing, and also in the waistbands of some pants or trousers. Sportwear is something woven elastic has taken over.

Choose Woven Elastic
Natural Or Artificial Elastic

Woven Elastic As A Natural Or Artificial Elastic

A woven elastic band can be manufactured with natural as well as man-made fibres. These fibres include cotton and polyester and by wefting and warping threads woven elastic is created. It is then interweaved with rubber. rubber can be both natural latex or synthetic or which is ideal to offer the renowned elasticity and durability of woven elastic.

No-Roll Elastic Woven Band

The other name for the woven elastic band is the no-roll elastic band. It is considered a very robust strong garment elastic. The non-roll band is famous for its horizontal and vertical ribs. The most fantastic thing about this elastic band is that it never narrows down even when stretched to its full limit.

The cool thing about this band is that it does not lose its reliance even after it is sewn on the fabric, which is not available in other bands. So many woven bands are good for heavy-duty use and application.

Woven elastic is thus ideal for utilizing in heavyweight material clothing like in outerwear.

Roll Elastic Woven Band
Woven Elastic Is So Popular

Why Woven Elastic Is So Popular

What would be more ideal than a woven elastic band that is created by the process of wrapping and wefting the fabric with synthetic rubber or natural rubber? It offers a snug fit that is required by activewear. Nevertheless, it makes the elastic band super robust and durable. That is the reason why it is so popular and has a huge use in every type of clothing industry that needs some elasticity.

Physical activities are becoming a trend and norm these days, and with this arise, individuals are looking for appropriate gear that will meet all their needs.

Activewear should fulfil all the requirements of physical activities like jumping, running and swimming. Unlike day clothes activewear has to be suitable enough to allow easy body movements.

  • Woven elastic has great elasticity.
  • It is famous for its strength and long-lastingness.
  • Woven elastic is very soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • It offers a very snug fitting.
  • It is great for bed sheets, sofa covers and pillowcases.
  • It is ideal for home furnishing items.
  • It adds to the image of your brand.
  • Woven elastic is an expensive option.

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