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Challenge coins are an excellent way to promote your brand among your customers. The uses of challenge coins have broken all the boundaries, and now they are used in various ways like for branding, promoting, and identifying any company or brand.
Looking for a reliable custom soft enamel coin maker? Then Austin Trim is your best choice because we make unique, creative and top-quality soft enamel challenge coins so don’t wait up and grab the opportunity!
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The Importance Of Custom Soft Enamel Coin

In general, custom challenge coins are a symbol of commemoration and a sign of comradeship among military members and other law enforcement services. These challenge coins are now serving as a bridge between brands and their customers.

The main difference between soft enamel challenge coins and hard enamel coins is that the former has raised metal edges that provide a certain texture and offer more design flexibility. On the other hand, hard enamel pins are shiny and smooth, take longer to be manufactured, and are durable

  • Soft enamel coins are very famous type of challenge coins.
  • These coins have raised edges that look and feel amazing.
  • They are great for advertising and branding your company.
  • The colours for these coins come from an unlimited palette of vivid colours.
  • There are numerous plating options for these types of custom coins.
  • They are very easy to customize.
  • The low-quality color of soft enamel coins may fade with time.

The Production Process Of Soft Enamel Coins

Once the coins plating is good to go, there are three steps to complete a soft enamel challenge coins

Dying or electroplating the plating

It is a process of putting an outer layer of any metal like silver or gold to the base of the coin that is in zin or an iron alloy. The plating process also can be done by any colour dying at this stage.


The next step involves putting the liquefied colour in the cavity of the enamel of a metal base. Enamel cavities in soft enamel challenge coins are only partially filled. That is why you can feel and notice the raised edges of soft enamel coins.

Baking process

The pin finally faces the baking process to set the enamel in place.

Minimum Quantity for Order and Size

At Austin Trim the minimum order is around 50 challenge coin and maximum is 5000 or more. The soft enamel challenge coins are created in various sizes as well. There are multiple size option available at Austin Trim including 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 and 3 inches.

Material Of Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

The material for custom soft enamel coins is iron and metal. They create an eye-catching and durable look for the challenge coins. Metal makes the coin more regal, smooth and strong. There is no chance of damage to the coin.

Border Of Soft Enamel Custom Coins

At Austin Trim we make the challenge coins in various designs of edges and borders that are Standard flat border, Rope cut border, Reeded edge, Text on cut, Spur Cut Border, Oblique Cut border, Wave cut border, and Petal cut border.

Colors For Soft Enamel Custom Coins

We offer Shiny gold, Shiny silver, Antique silver, Antique gold, Shiny nickel, Shiny gunmetal, Antique nickel, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Satin Gold, Shiny Brass, Satin Silver, Antique Copper, Black Paint, Satin Brass, Shiny Copper, Brushed Brass, Shiny Rose gold, and Satin Copper

Frequently Asked Question [From Buyers]

Yes, we can use any logo or design that you have designed for the coins.

We accept all formats containing the artwork for your challenge coins.

Yes, we offer basic artwork design services including text, removing and changing background, etc.

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