What Are Tactical PVC Patches

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Tactical PVC patches are created to inspire and motivate the different individuals belonging to law enforcement departments. They are custom-made and ideal for rough and tough situations because they are super flexible, lightweight, and waterproof.

Tactical PVC patches can be manufactured in various styles, designs, and colours according to the liking and preferences of the customer. They give a strong, morale full and durable look which is why tactical PVC patches are great for outdoor use. Tactical Pvc patches last longer than any other type of patches, they will have the same shape, and colour without any fading or tearing even after continuous use and washing. That is the huge reason for the popularity of PVC patches.

Tactical PVC patches are ideal for police uniforms, fire departments, or any other law enforcement organization because they can withstand hard weather and continuous outdoor use without any compromise on the colour or style.

Such custom PVC patches can be manufactured in multiple designs, sizes, and colours because PVC is a highly versatile material that is ideal for many uses especially patches for military uniforms.

The customer has all the choices to select the size, shape, colour, and backing of the patches. Custom PVC rubber patches can be attached with different backings like Velcro, stitching, adhesive and iron-on backing.

Tactical PVC Patches

Tactical PVC patches or morale patches are used to motivate, inspire, and build up the morale of the individuals belonging to law enforcement departments like the military, police, and fire departments. They are mostly used by the military to build closeness and camaraderie among their brigade or unit.

The customized PVC patches are a great option to identify oneself with an insignia that such patches can also carry some humorous expressions, images, or messages to make them unique and exciting for any particular group.

How Are They Manufactured?

Tactical patches are created by utilizing the flexible and soft rubber material known as PVC which has a very smooth feel and appearance. PVC is famous for its ability to be created into any colour or moulded into any shape.

These patches are created and designed for any specific group of people, especially for military, police, and other law enforcement departments so they must be strong or durable enough to undergo hard use.

So that is why PVC patches make an ideal choice for army and military uniforms because they are durable, flexible, and waterproof and they can be attached with sewing, Velcro, and glue.

What is PVC?

PVC is a great innovation that is being used in almost all types of industries especially the clothing industry as they are used to make patches for military uniforms and other apparel. PVC is a soft rubber-like plastic that is super durable and flexible.

PVC is known for being lightweight and robust material that is weather-resistant and tear-resistant which makes this material perfect for military uniforms. They have waterproof so wearing them outside while it is raining or snowing would not affect their design or colour. No such material for patches provides that many advantages as a PVC patch does.

Things To Keep In Mind While Making PVC Patches

PVC patches give a durable and tough look yet at the same time they are super flexible and soft to the touch. PVC is a highly versatile material that allows great personalizing effects with different designs, sizes, and colours to make every product unique and creative.

Here is something you should be mindful of when you are deciding on or creating PVC patches. Let us look at them.

  • The sew-on backing for the PVC patches is a great way to permanently attach them to different clothing pieces and apparel like hats, uniforms, bags, jackets, etc.
  • PVC patches also have adhesive backing that is the same as the iron-on backing that is perfect to apply on non-fabric smooth surfaces.
  • The Velcro backing option for PVC patches has a hook and loop fabric that attached or connects the two pieces. One part is attached to the patch while the other one is attached to the clothing piece. Velcro is easy to apply and remove.
  • PVC patches can be designed in a particular way to provide a glow and vibrancy to the colours so even at night they look appealing and recognizable.
  • PVC can be made in 2-dimensional style or 3-dimensional style so that it can improve the design.
  • PVC patches are ideal to showcase minute details and texts.

PVC is ideal for customized shapes and sizes

PVC patches allow a maximum amount of freedom when it comes to choosing any shape or size for the patches. It is up to the clients’ needs, imagination, and preferences and the pricing will be based on the width and height of the design. PVC is also known as polyvinyl chloride and it is soft and flexible that is why you can mould it to any shape possible.

Types of PVC Patches

There are different types of PVC patches available that provide more appeal and style to the patch.

2D PVC Patches

Two-dimensional PVC patches have various levels of surfaces and those surfaces are separated by different levels. The layering technique makes the layers look separate so that they see recessed and raised areas.

The two-dimensional give a simple and clean design with different shades of vivid colours and raised ridges and edges that look great with the overall design.

3D PVC Patches

The three-dimensional design also has multiple layers of surface that showcase different styles. Unlike two-dimensional design three-dimensional has rounded images that have a variety of colours that are placed on the same plane.

The three-dimensional design also has a lot of recessions and raises that are far from rigid and the elements or the characteristics of the design also give a more life-like quality to the artwork.

The Extensive Use Of PVC Patches

PVC patches are very popular and trendy for ages because of their uses in almost all kinds of industries. They are soft, durable, flexible, and lightweight and that makes them a good choice all over. Different organization extensively uses PVC rubber patches and among them are different clubs, businesses, and law enforcement departments that need to work outdoors a lot. But working outside does not make the patches fade and tear.

The Properties Of PVC Patches

PVC patches are famous for many things and some of those properties are mentioned below

Cost-Effective And Weather-Resistant

PVC makes an ideal material for patches not only because they are flexible and soft but also because they are the most affordable option available that covers all the requirements of the clients by its durability and design.

Embroidery patches in contrast to PVC patches get torn, faded, and curved after a little use but if you want patches that will remain the same even after constant use then nothing is better than PVC patches.

Fast Production

PVC patches are manufactured on some days unlike other patches whose production time is longer and the waiting something gets frustrating for the client.


Tactical PVC patches are great to inspire and heighten the morale of law enforcement individuals. PVC material is ideal for outdoor use because it is soft and flexible yet it does not get torn up by rough use.

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