Quality Features of PVC Patches

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PVC patches are the developed form of the embroidery cloth that is now known as PVC label and PVC badge. The quality features of PVC patches include being very that they are not easily deformed. One of the quality features of PVC patches also includes super durability and long service. PVC patches function as embroidery stickers applied to all kinds of clothing accessories.

A standard PVC patch has a Velcro backing, the most popular backing option for PVC patches. Furthermore, PVC patches are also sewn on the clothing. When it comes down to making the backpack, canvas bag, and jacket neat, PVC patches come in handy because they are the most convenient and versatile patches.

Although embroidery patches have been used and appreciated for decades now, they have a more front position taken by the quality features of PVC patches because of their unique style. Embroidery patches have lost their vivid quality of appearance with time. Patches collectors and enthusiasts have searched for an alternative option for the embroidery patches, which is PVC patches.

Some people still do not know what PVC patches are and how they are better than embroidery patches. So let’s discuss the quality features of PVC patches are how they are more vibrant and durable than embroidery patches. All the answers will be given and explained in more detail below, so let us get down to it.

Quality Features Of PVC Patches: What Exactly Are PVC Patches?

PVC material is created by polyvinyl chloride. It is another form of artificial or synthetic plastic but is more rubber-like, so it is flexible and soft. The material PVC is best known for its high durability and vibrancy of colours.

PVC material

Not all patches show small design details, but PVC is ideal to showcase minute details of design at a distance. Because of this, PVC patches are considered a perfect choice for emergency service, police, and military uniforms.

The traditional embroidery patches started to wear down after some years and tend to have a worn outlook. Apart from that, the little details of patches seem to get lost in the full design, so custom PVC patches came to the rescue and replaced embroidery patches.

The Unique Factor Of PVC Patches

Several things make the quality features of PVC patches that make PVC patches unique and versatile compared to embroidery and other patches. Some specification of PVC patches makes the difference from all the other patches made from several materials like embroidery or leather.

So let us discuss some factors that put PVC patches apart from other Patches.

Temperature Resistance

The most important factor of PVC patches that make them an ideal clothing patch is their power to withstand higher heat or temperature compared to other materials. Many clothing patches melt or change shape or design when they are subjected to heat but not PVC patches.

So you do not have to worry about damaging the PVC patches when you iron them or when they come in close contact with some hot surface.

The Strong Durability Of PVC Patches

PVC patches are considered the most long-lasting ones because they are made from polyvinyl chloride, making the patches more rubber-like. Polyvinyl chloride is also why PVC patches survive tough and rough conditions efficiently without any wear or tear.

features of PVC patches

There is no other robust and durable material best suited to any of your clothing or custom accessories than PVC patches. They are ideal for police uniforms, emergency service, and military uniforms because they can withstand constant and rough environments. The only things that PVC patches will catch are minimal tears, rips, or some distress.

Vibrant Colours And Design In PVC Patches

The amazing thing about polyvinyl chloride is that it can be dyed in any colour or shade. The vibrancy of colours allows the design to be created with contrasting colours on the patch. This makes the PVC patch stand out more with different colours, making the design more elaborative.

So apart from no restriction on the colour choice for PVC patches, there is also more versatility when it comes to the design of the patch. PVC patches can be designed in various sizes, making the patches so popular is distinctive compared to other patches.

2D and 3D Effects Of PVC Patches

PVC patches also have this unique feature of sporting 2D and 3D effects. The 2D and 3D effect shows a special raised result of the design that looks very appealing to the touch and eye. The 3D effect that shows the multiple layered designs makes the patch look more vibrant and lively.

The effect of 2D and 3D design makes the PVC patches a top choice among many patch collectors and enthusiasts. The 3D effect makes the patch more alive and highlighted with special detail in design and colours.

Other defined details

If you like extensive details to be carried out on your custom patch, then the best option for you is PVC patches because they allow complicated designs to be carried out on them. In contrast, embroidery patches cannot withstand the complex design, which makes them less versatile as they cannot be subjected to different patterns. So, embroidery patches always seem monotonous and dull.

But with PVC patches, every small detail is highlighted in the design, and the end product comes out vivid and unique.

More Creativity With PVC Patches

PVC patches are the epitome of creativity when it comes to clothing patches and accessories patches. They provide a more vibrant look to the logo or design of the patch. They do not fade or get wear or tear easily. The 3D effect of PVC patches makes them more unique and gives more dimension and depth to the design.

Multi-Functionality Of PVC Patches

PVC patches have multi-functions, so they can be used for various purposes. These patches are stylish, easy to clean and keep their colour and form. They are made from sturdy and soft plastic, which comes in multiple colours, and most complement the custom design.


Organizations with uniforms like law enforcement, military units, and clothing industries use custom PVC patches because they are durable, cost-effective, and ideal for branding different things like bags and jackets. So, PVC patches are unique and ideal for all types of uses and businesses.

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