The Benefits Of Custom Patches

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Patches are things that have unlimited uses in the clothing and apparel industry, and turning these patches into a vast profit is pretty easy than some people might think. How much does it cost to get custom patches made in an affordable budget is the question we will answer today. No matter whether you sell custom patches or some other type of patches, you will be making a profit for your business.

Patches can be made on millions of ideas, and they can be about movies, military, sports, tv-shows, travel destinations, classic movies, and bands. The single thing is proven and sure that these small patches mean big or serious business.

Patches are very retro-inspired and stylish accessories that transform the whole appeal of a bag, jacket, or jeans. There are several types of patches available nowadays, and they have a lot of differences that make them distinct from each other. But there are some things every day as well, and we will dive into all this after discussing all their specifications.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Custom Patches Made In 2022

Austin Trim is the right place to get your custom patches made because we employ the best quality material for our patches that will never fade or get worn out.

We make every type of patch with fade-resistant material and thread, highly-detailed embroidery, and wrapped borders along with other details to make a picture-perfect end product.

If you have just started your clothing or other apparel brand and wondering how much does it cost to get custom patches made, then we have a simple answer for you. If you order patches in bulk, the cost will be low compared to small quantities.

Every patch type has different prices regarding material, effort, time, and other factors. For small orders, the cost will be higher compared to bulk orders. For thousand patches, the cost will be around $0.5 to $0.6, and for 2000 patches, the cost will be around $0.4 to $0.5.

The Different Kinds Of Custom Patches

Many different types of patches available nowadays in the market make a choice for the customer hard and accessible at a similar time because there are many options for you to show your ideas. The various patches vary based on their function, creation, and the material used to create them.

The different types of custom patches provided by Austin Trim are:

  • Embroidery patches.
  • Chenille patches.
  • Leather patches.
  • Woven patches.
  • Blank patches.
  • Name patches.
  • Iron-On patches.
  • Bullion patches.
  • Velcro patches.
  • Airsoft patches.
  • Printed patches.
  • PVC patches.

How Are Custom Patches Created

How much does it cost to get custom patches made is a question you must have an answer to. So now, we will move to the manufacturing process of custom patches for clothing and apparel.

  • The first thing is to select an idea or an artwork and then give it to the graphic designer to make the same artwork. In this step, you must also select the text font and design according to your preferences.
  • The next step involves selecting the suitable fabric for the clothing label. For custom woven labels, you can choose between damask material, satin, and taffeta material.
  • The final step is to choose the backing option you like best for your woven label. You can choose between adhesive, sew-on, iron-on, and Velcro. Sew-on backing is more permanent and durable than Velcro and adhesive.

What are Custom Woven Patches

Custom woven patches are made with a tighter weave and thinner threads than embroidery patches. In the manufacturing of woven patches, the weave of the thread design is done directly over the patch instead of creating the design on the thick fabric over the fabric backing. The result of this technique is that the design is showcased in a high-resolution finishing.

Woven patches are ideal for such designs that need intricate detailing. These patches are one-dimensional, so that is the reason there being not bulky compared to embroidery patches. Woven patches can also be applied inside the accessories and clothing because they are fragile and compact.

Woven patches are not expensive, making them a top hit against embroidery patches. They also have a fast turnaround time. The time and cost, in the end, depend upon the number of patches one orders.

What Are Embroidery Patches

Embroidery is the art of adorning the fabric or some different material with yarn or thread. Embroidery patches are durable fabric and backing designed with raised vibrant embroidery threads of multiple colors.

Embroidery patches are a most costly option than the other patches. They take more time to create as well. The timeline and cost of such custom embroidery patches make them not the only option for many customers.

What Are Custom Airsoft Patches

If you take a deep look at the uniform of airsoft players, you will observe that they have their team airsoft patches on their vest or shoulder. You must have seen an image of patches on the internet or somewhere else, but you must be thinking about whether airsoft patches has any real purpose.

Yes, there is a reason: in the airsoft game, people wear airsoft patches to recognize their team and tell others who is in their team or not. Most people attach airsoft patches on their helmets, vests, shoulders, or sometimes on their weapons.

What Are Custom PVC Patches

PVC patches are the modern substitute for embroidered patches made from durable plastic. PVC is versatile and comes in a massive range of colors that can bring a new appeal to any of your custom design patches. The PVC patches have an unobtainable look and feel to any embroidery patch.

PVC is one of the earliest artificial materials with tons of industrial uses. PVC was discovered by Henri Renault, a French chemist, in 1835. Polyvinyl chloride is a kind of plastic that feels the same as rubber. PVC is valued for its durability, and this plastic is very soft compared to the other common types of rubber.


Patches are very stylish and retro-inspired accessories that transform the whole appeal of a bag, jacket, or jeans. The question of how much does it costs to get custom patches made depends upon the type of patches and the number of patches you want.

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