Learn How To Make Enamel Pins

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An Enamel pin is a small pin worn on clothing often on the label of the jacket, attached to a bag, or displayed on a price of fabric. Enamel pins can be ornamental or can indicate the wearer’s affiliation with an organization or cause. To make your own Enamel pins, this guide will help you turn designs into amazing Enamel pins.

STEP 01: Pick a Metal Electroplate color
Start your design by deciding what color your metal will be. Every pin has raised areas and lower areas that allow for Enamel fill.
STEP 02: Choose your Enamel Pin type
There are two types of Enamel pins, Hard enamel, and Soft enamel. However, often many people think they both are the same. Soft enamels are textured pin surface, which provides more detail and reduces costs. They are made of iron metal, high-temperature baked, and electroplated. Whereas, hard enamels have fine lines and smooth surfaces that are more attractive to most people. Hard enamels have a more professional look more than soft enamel.


STEP 03: Choosing your Enamel Pin size
Size is an important factor in making Enamel pins. Size is related to cost. The larger the size, the higher the cost required.
STEP 04: How many Enamel pins and Pin Backs do you need?
Different accessories have different uses and applications, choosing the right pin attachment is important. It’s not difficult, choose according to your needs. There are multiple types of pins attachments that you can choose from such as rubber cover, magnet, safety pin, luxury clutch. Cuff-links, stick pin, and the list goes on.


STEP 05: What type of Packaging do you like?
The right package is the right way you can add highlights to your pins. Before deciding on the packaging, please consider where are you planning to sell. In general, there are 5 types of pin packaging: plastic bag, plastic box, velvet bag, plastic bag+paper card, and velvet box. You can choose the right packaging according to your requirement.
STEP 06: Choose the Right Enamel pin manufacturers
Once you are done with your design and stuff. Now carries the main part to find the right manufacturer for your enamel pins. Nowadays, there are multiple manufacturing industries for the pins available in the market but here is some detailed information for you to choose the right one.
  • Rich experience
  • Timely Feedback
  • Own an Enamel Pin Factory
  • Show comments
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery Guarantee
  • Excellent Quality and Return Policy


STEP 07: How Much Do Custom Enamel Pin Cost?
Bulk purchase usually ensures that you reduce costs, but only making sure already make the most money using the best reputable services. Different factors corresponding to different selections and different costs will be generated. Cost depends on your enamel design and quality.
STEP 08: Confirm and Place your Order
Last but not least once you finish all the above steps. After that press the confirmation button to place your order and wait patiently until it delivers.

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