How to Pick the Perfect Patch Design

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If designing a company, organization, or club’s patch is what you have in your mind when you’re at the right place. Austintrim got you covered for every least important to the crucial information for how to pick the perfect patch design?

05 Resourceful Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Patch Design?

Patches play an important role in a group or organization’s identification. Different departments, clubs, companies, clubs, and institutions have patches that symbolize signs and text – each patch defines a meaning which is associated with it. EMS patches, for example, are the perfect example for people who serve in the area of healthcare and firefighting.

Designing patches is a serious undertaking however it can be also fun if you follow the right steps to make your custom patches stand out.

So let your creativity flow because we have some great tips and tricks that can help you find the perfect patch design for your company.

Simplicity is the Key:

Simplicity lasts forever! Yes the simpler the things the more they are easy to remember. Have you ever looked at the law enforcement patches? People easily recognize them because they are simple yet easy to identify. So it is highly recommended to design a patch that has a simple yet delicate design so that the patch affiliated to your brand can be identifiable and distinguishable among complicated patches.

Simplicity is the Key

Bold is Better:

The visibility aspect is crucial. The bold is the best. If you have ever re-created a patch with a help of embroidery machines you must know that small text font is not only complicated but also, looks unattractive. The more the text is bigger and bold for instance EMS patches, the more it becomes visible, the more it is legible and arresting.

Contrast Does Count:

Contrast is a beauty! Our minds are better to respond to contrasting colors. A specific set of colors that contrast within a patch or logo captures the most of attention and memory. The message thus becomes more loud and clear to the mind. So it is always the best idea to choose contrasting colors for the patch. However, it doesn’t mean only to use black and white combinations to make your patch look clear and unique. Many striking colors also help outbalance everything, like, yellow with its best contrast is just love!

Big is the Best:

Bigger patches are worth it. The fire department patch with their huge EMS text is just the right way to communicate to the people about the message associated with the department. I think no one has to wait for a few seconds to understand what that EMS means? Is the word EMS catchy?

So how do pick the perfect patch design? The story is just about the large text and the big size of the patch. However, the patch size is determined by the area where it is located but the idea of getting a big area offers more space to adjust the text and design as much as you want.

Complimentary Border Color:

Border colors are enchanting! The overall look of a custom patch is defined by the border color. The existence and non-existence of an appealing border color can make a major difference to the patch. A border color determines the depth of the background and visibility of the text. So it is best to add a contrasting border color that draws the attention of every watchful eye.

How to Find the Right Company?

As you know, when we heard patches the first word that comes to mind is endless possibilities of limitless creativity. Yes! Patches can do wonders for a brand company or logo! However, finding the right patch maker to make custom patches is a challenge.

The first thing, a good and reputable company can provide quality work. The mission is not to make but to create! And creativity is by heart. So getting value for your money must have something worth it. Ask for samples before you trust even if the company has been established for decades.

The delivery time of the company confirms its credibility. If a company delivers you something that takes weeks or months just don’t go for it. Experience is the third key, an online supplier that has experience within this industry will surely know the secrets of how to make the customers happy.

Patches are a great way to connect with people. You may not know what wonders it can do but the right company will make you show how it does! So for a professional and reliable service Austintrim deals with all sorts of customizable patches and labels. Check our wide variety of selections and customize yours as per your need.


We hope our handy tips have helped you so far in changing your custom patch designs for the better. Designing a custom patch is fun and so with the right guideline, it becomes easier how to pick the perfect patch design.

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