How to Make Motorcycle Patches – Design Your Own Custom Motorcycle Patches

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Patches are the best clothing accessories to define oneself, interests, and likes. Even biker clubs are no exception to this idea! A different group of bikers meets at several events. Sometimes, a ride is scheduled to welcome a new member to the biking club; on the other hand, it also takes place to organize a charity or fund for a worthy cause. No matter what, bikers have unconditional love for their rides and clubs. These motorcycle patches attach their unique patches either on their vests or jackets. This gives them a sense of belonging and displays their identity as who they are and to which group they are associated. So how to make motorcycle patches

It isn’t as tricky if you know the use of the right equipment. So let’s dive in to make custom motorcycle patches for biker clubs.

How To Make Motorcycle Patches in 08 Easy Steps?

Follow these eight basic steps to make motorcycle patches for your biker club:

  1. Choose the type of material/fabric
  2. Decide your design of the patch
  3. Sketch your design/image on the paper
  4. Scan your image into the embroidery program
  5. Upload your complete design/image into the sewing machine
  6. Select the proper setting for your machine
  7. Trimming your motorcycle patch
  8. Sew your patch onto the garment

Choose what type of material or fabric you want for your motorcycle patch:

Motorcycle patches are usually made for long-wearing and all weather conditions. Most bikers wear motorcycle patches every time they mount for a ride. So these patches should be durable enough to sustain for a long-lasting period. But it is also crucial that the patches look aesthetically pleasing to every eye – as motorcycle patches define who you are. It must have a high-end finishing classy design and unique pattern with a visible logo/name of the biking group to make it perfect and on point.

How to make motorcycle patches that are perfect for your need? Start with choosing the right material/fabric to make it durable, strong, resistant, and long-lasting. For most motorcycle patches, heavy fabric, such as denim or any other heavy material (cotton), is used to hold up well to the elements.

Decide what type of design you want for your motorcycle patches:

Are you looking for great ideas for how to design a motorbike patch for you? Designing a custom motorcycle patch is an exciting part of the process. You need to brainstorm the best and the most aesthetic designs for your patches, which gives a unique design and meaning to your motorbike patch.

Searching for what competitor’s patches look like is a great way to start. However, the color pallet, text visibility, and pattern will also define the sharpness and boldness of your patch. So design includes everything that comes first to your mind!

You can also ask for professional help for more design ideas!

Sketch your design/image on the paper:

Oh my! We all love sketching… but sketching our own custom motorbike patches is a real art. So it’s not necessary to sketch an excellent and detailed sketch for your patch image on the paper. This step is just for reference! If you have tried before to draw a sketch freehand on a piece of paper, it will help you later when you are finalizing your patch on the computer – as it helps to improve the mistakes you had made on the paper and enhanced the descriptive detailing of the patch.

Sketch your design

Also, adding colors to the reference image can help you get a picture of how your patch looks!

Scan your image into the embroidery program of your computer:

Here comes the final stage! Now it’s high time to create the most finished and creative look of your custom-made motorbike patch. Use your computers and set it on the embroidery program. You can now create design add colors adjust the size add text, or anything you like – to make your patches look more catchy! Work work work until you get the perfect image!

Upload your complete design/image into the sewing machine

Now upload the complete image of your motorcycle patch onto your sewing machine. Make sure you have made all the changes before uploading your image file onto the machine since you cannot undo anything later.

Select the proper setting for your machine

Turn the sewing machine on, and it will design the desired pattern for you! You did a great job now; let the machine do its job for you. So hence the designing procedure is done and dusted turn on your machine. Secure the fabric in the embroidery hoop and keep an eye on the machine to create a hassle-free patch. The embroidery setting will do the rest – the automated embroidery setting will sew the patch based on the given design, so you’re good to go!

Trimming your motorcycle patch

Hey, you got an amazing patch! Let’s trim the excess fabric or any loose threads off the patch to give it a bold, sharp, and clear look.

Sew your patch onto the garment

What’s the best option for motorcycle patches? Could an iron-on motorbike bike last for longer? The answer is simple! Most bikers preferred to sew on their motorbike patches onto their vest or jackets because sewing on patches onto the garment will minimize the risk of losing it. As motorcycle patches are constantly exposed to elements sewn on will be a good idea rather than iron-on.


Turn your creativity into digital artwork! Shopping for custom motorcycle patches is not an easy way to get one. We all want high quality with low pricing. Whereat some online stores, high quality is guaranteed, but the price tags are also not budget-friendly, and where the prices go down, the quality gets compromised. So why not make your own customized motorcycle patch.

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