How to Find a Custom Patch Manufacturer

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How to Find a Custom Patch Manufacturer

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How to Choose a Custom Patch Maker?

Do you know what the best part of a custom patch is? They can be manufactured according to our own liking. Like from imagery to text logos and colors, all can be customized as you like. However, customizing a patch online is a perfect go-to idea when looking for quality, affordability, and service! Several customer patch-making companies today help you create a unique and stylish patch with high detailing.

So when there are so many vendors/suppliers in the marketplace, it becomes so confusing to choose the right custom patch manufacturer. So, to begin with, what should you be looking for when picking a good patch maker company?

What Services Do You Expect From a Custom Patch Maker?

Service is the key! Excellence is the most important key factor to look into the best custom patch maker. You need to ensure that the service you are offered gives you the perfect custom patch that is beyond your expectations. A patch designer company can help you boost your promotional sales from the patches. So what should you look for when choosing the best patch maker?

04 Things You Should Look Before Choosing a Custom Patch Maker?

Keeping these four things in mind will help you with your search in looking for a reliable partner for custom patches:

  1. Free artwork services and unlimited revisions:
  2. Free priority shipping
  3. Written guarantee of quality
  4. Friendly customer service

Free artwork services and unlimited revisions:

If you are a beginner, you must seek a company that offers free artwork services and unlimited revisions. It means if a patch-making company asks you to pay for a project even before the artwork is created, then it’s a bad idea! Before you contact a Custom Patch Manufacturing Company, you must be clear that your file must need to be converted even if you have your artwork prepared. It will make the process easier and more compatible.


The prices will vary with each design element, size, shape, and thread color.

  1. Free priority shipping

A pleasant outlook of a customer patch-making company advertising “Free Shipping” looks so catchy. But remember, not all free shipping is the same. Before you get into designing your custom patch, make sure the custom matchmaker offers priority shipping.

Many of you might have experienced that you go all the way through the making and designing of your custom patch, and when it comes to delivery, you find out that the free shipping is standard shipping – which can take from a few weeks to a few months.

Choosing a company that offers “Priority Shipping” is preferable; however, the pricing will be a little expensive, adding the price tag of your order.

  1. Written guarantee of quality

A written guarantee of quality is the best service offered by any custom patch manufacturer. Choosing a company for their service of providing a written guarantee of quality gives peace of mind that your patch is free of any manufacturing defects like frayed threads or wrong sizes.

If you run the risk of paying a customer patch maker that will not provide a written guarantee of quality, you will be doubtful about your patch’s high quality. Asking for a written guarantee is important because there might be no replacement or money-back guarantee.

  1. Friendly customer service

Lastly, friendly customer service like we offer – with Austin trim, setting up artwork is easy. Professional customer service helps you refine your artwork and think of ideas that will bring your vision to life in the best possible way.

Whether it’s a custom embroidered patch, PVC Patch, or printed patch, we narrow down everything for you from the thread color to the size and design.

Difference between a Good and a Bad Custom Patch Making Company?

How to find a custom patch manufacturer? Different businesses look for possible marketing advantages which give them a leg up in the competitive industry. It has become critical to find the custom patch maker for the best quality service and customer satisfaction. Don’t worry! We have got you covered.


In our article, you can easily find some nifty tricks and tips to differentiate between a professional and an unprofessional and inexperienced custom patch manufacturing industry.

To make it easier for you, we have listed below some good and bad qualities of custom patch makers:

Good Qualities of Custom Patch Manufacturer:

Here are the good qualities:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • 100% customization
  • Free design assistance
  • Competitive price
  • Premier material
  • High-quality patches

Bad Qualities of Custom Patch Manufacturer:

Here are the bad qualities:

  • High cost than other suppliers or when the order quantity is small.
  • Increase the price for urgent delivery
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is not negotiable
  • The standard time of delivery is long
  • Limited styles of patches to select from.


A good custom patch supplier will provide you with a convenient way to contact for custom patches. No obligation-free quotes and toll-free numbers are given to allow customers to control orders from the very beginning. Companies experienced in custom patch making has satisfactory customer record and proven experience. Look out for custom patch makers that work on a plan, have graphic designers that can customize simple to fully implemented, beautiful to complicated designs for custom patches.

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