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Airsoft custom patches are an ideal option to carry out for your paintable team or an airsoft team. They are outstanding patches to make your team stand out, make it recognizable among the other team, and feel proud of your group. Airsoft patches are a type of team patches used by many teams or events like army shooting training, paintball competition, and organizing airsoft training. These types of patches are useful to heighten the cohesion between the participants of any organizing and to improve the momentum of a team playing in any event.

Airsoft Custom Patches

Airsoft patches are mostly created in two basic colors like dark army green color or any other dark colors for the background of the patch so it will be easy to hide during the activities. Professionals that create airsoft custom patches are trained to make this type of patches for armies, enterprises, and organizations.

What Are Airsoft Patches?

If you take a deep look at airsoft players you will notice that they have their team airsoft patches on their shoulders or vest. You must have seen a picture of those patches on the internet or somewhere else but you must be wondering is there any real purpose behind airsoft patches?

Yes, there is a reason and it is that in the airsoft game people wear airsoft patches to recognize their team and to tell others who is in their team or not. Most people simply attach airsoft patches on their helmets, vests, shoulders, or sometimes on their weapons.

So we are going to discuss more the airsoft patches, their purpose, and how you can get them custom made. So let us get down to it.

Why Do I Require Airsoft Patches?

As mentioned earlier, Airsoft patches are most of the time used as airsoft team patches. Mostly in the airsoft field before the match of the airsoft starts people are divided into teams and then they are given the team patches so they can stick them to their shoulders, weapons, vest, and helmet. The purpose is to differentiate the team members during the game and helps team members to recognize their teammates.

Almost all the players wear airsoft patches but this does not mean that wearing one will miraculously improve your game performance. The main reason people own and wear airsoft patches is to show off their team.

Airsoft patches are just decorations that is why people do not feel pressure to purchase one. When there are a lot of players playing in a game sometimes there are not enough patches to give to everyone so they just highlight some things like weapons or vests with different colors to indicate the teams.

How To Attach Airsoft Patches On Garments?

Most of the airsoft patches available in the store feature Velcro attaches that easily stick to helmets or vests. The good feature about the Velcro patches is that you can effortlessly stick them and then remove them from an item.

The majority of airsoft patches have Velcro backing and one of the other great things about them is that they are water-resistant so you do not have to worry about dropping water on them or something.

A lot of military or airsoft uniforms come equipped with Velcro patches that allow you to stick airsoft patches on them. But if you want to wear an airsoft patch on regular clothes then you can buy a sew-on kit patch, this will easily attach airsoft patches to your clothes.

The other option to attach airsoft patches is to sew them on the desired place of the clothing but for that, you have to use scissors to cut the patch and sew it. So this option is a little time taking but it is the most durable one to compare with Velcro patches. You have to be careful in the section of material of the patch when washing it with your clothes.

With Velcro patches, you have the choice to simply unattached the patch and wash the clothes and patch separately but this is not the case with sewn-on airsoft patches. So the material selection and it’s quality an important factors to keep in mind while choosing the backing for the airsoft patches.

The Types Of Airsoft Patches

Most of the custom airsoft patches in the market have some quotes, guns, cartoons character, animals, flags, memes, symbols, etc. you can get airsoft custom labels designed in any way you want. You can make them with your favorite meme, text, symbol, flag guns, and or anime character. So you have the total freedom to design your custom airsoft patch.

You can simply send your artwork or designs to the manufacturers and they will carry them out. Apart from that you can also create your logo for airsoft patch and gift them to your comrades.

Creating your logo or emblem is a little costly and time-consuming but it is worth it. It is recommended to get custom airsoft patches in bulk because you will be giving them to your teammates.

How To Get Custom Airsoft Patches?

If you want to make custom airsoft patches then there are tons of companies that make airsoft patches and one of the best in Austin Trim. In Austin Trim, you just have to fill out a simple form to start the production of custom airsoft patches.

  • The first step is to give basic information about yourself like name, phone, and address.
  • After that, you have to select the patch height and width.
  • Next, you have to select the backing options for your custom airsoft patches.
  • You have to select the number of patches you want.
  • The last step is to finalize the artwork and the graphics for your custom airsoft patches.

Can I wear real military patches for the Airsoft event?

Wearing your military uniform for an airsoft event is allowed but does wearing military patches is permitted also? Well, the answer is yes. You can wear real military patches with your airsoft uniform. Even children wear army patches to honor their dads. On the airsoft field, you will meet all types of uniforms even regular clothes.

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