Differences between Traditional Patches & Merit Badges

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Differences between Traditional Patches and Merit Badges

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Traditional patches and Merit badges are a new way to promote your brand name. Patches always look trendy and showcase the spirit and team building within a group, club, or team. However, talking about badges so since 1911 merit badges has existence. At that time it was 57 badges but now it is more than 150. Merit badges and traditional patches look similar while there are substantial differences between the two names. In this article, we will define what are merit badges and traditional patches what are the differences between traditional patches and merit badges. So let’s jump right into it.

What Are Merit Badges?

Merit badge design isn’t just a decoration piece! It’s a way to embellish the achievements of young boys and girls scouts. So how merit badges are different than traditional patches? Okay, so merit badges are typically smaller than the traditional patches and are generally worn by children. In 2015 the ideal size of a merit badge was 1.5 inches in diameter and now it changes to 2.25 inches.

After the size of the merit badges, one of the most distinct differences between traditional patches and merit badges is the shape. Badges are usually round because they are sewn into cuffs and belts in an organized way. So if the patches are of multiple shapes and sizes it would end up creating a mess on the uniform; because patches need to be lined up correctly.

Merit badges are collected by different age groups due to their distinctive look so if you like merit badges you can own them or even customize merit badges in any shape size and color.

What are Traditional Patches?

Traditional patches are popular worldwide! The variety in traditional patches is to the sky limit. Designing a traditional custom patch offers you a wide variety of options to make a precise patch according to your like. How to design a traditional patch? Different shapes and sizes are used with an endless amount of color pallets to make a precise and unique look to make it stand out for your organization or club.

Traditional patches are of several types including embroidered patches woven patches or dye sublimated patches.

Differences between Traditional Patches and Merit Badges – Everything you need to know

Now as we have enough understanding of merit badges and traditional patches let’s see how merit badges and traditional patches are similar and what makes them different from each other?

Okay so much like merit badges, traditional patches are also creative in look and collected by many people because they are funky and trendy and can be put onto any fabric to give it a new style. Traditionally merit badges are used by scouts for boys and girls when they accomplish a certain achievement or level of excellence after great hard work for weeks or months. On the other hand, traditional patches are used with clothing and are usually embroidered with different patterns and applied using iron-on backing or sew-on backing.

Another noticeable feature that differentiates a merit badge and traditional patches is the purposed they are used for. While merit badges ascertain a specific accomplishment achievement and designation associated with a person. On the contrary, traditional patches can use for multi-purposes like employees identification, for groups, department, or unit recognition, for styling accessories and clothing, for promotional and marketing content, for supporting the cause or public awareness, or for promoting a campaign.

The last but the most important difference between the merit badges vs. traditional patches is that one is a patch and the other is a badge. And yes, when it comes to making a custom embroidered patch and how to apply custom patches the process is not the same as in the case of badges.

Patches can be formed into any shape or pattern, come in various sizes, and include unique details such as text, graphics, images, logos, names, and with a combination of different light and dark dull and striking bright and nude colors options. When it comes to how to apply custom patches; again, we have plenty of options to choose from different types of backing for custom patches.

In contrast to traditional patches, merit badges are strict to a specific design formula and are used for purposes mainly for scouts and other military sectors. However traditional patches can be used for any reason and in unique ways.


While Merit badges are similar in many ways when it comes to the advantages of merit badges and traditional patches the limit is sky-high. Customizing a merit badge or a traditional patch for your organization club or team is the best idea. Own your own custom patch to get an elegant trendy look for your clothes or accessorize your bags with funky embroidered patches. Make your club stand out with a unique patch or commemorate different merit badges to your team members. Patches and badges are perfect for any wear and anywhere!

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