How to Design the Best Custom Patches

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How to Design the Best Custom Patches

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Do you have your own custom patch for this New Year? In 2022, the fashion and trendy custom patches are now becoming a bigger part of our style statement. These funky patches look adorable on jackets, hats, hoodies, and other clothing items. However, designing one needs a lot of creativity and high detailing. There are many suppliers that can create the best custom patches for your events and clubs. There are 06 useful steps for how to design the best custom patches – however, keep in mind that a good custom patch maker can recreate your vision to reality.

06 Tips for How to Design the Best Custom Patches

If you don’t own any artwork – you may need to know how to start:

  1. Start with an ideal
  2. Type of custom patches
  3. Size of custom patches
  4. Choose border of patches
  5. Choose to back for patches
  6. Embroidery thread colors

Start with an ideal:

Decide what kind of custom-made patches you want! It is important to have a meaning for your custom embroidered patches. So decide why are you making this custom patch?

Here are some ways to find an idea for your custom patches:

  • Is it a way to communicate any message?
  • Is it for any event – birthday, New Year, or brand?
  • Does your patch include any business logos?
  • Is it for the marketing of any campaign or organization?
  • Is it to add a new look to your old apparel?
  • Is it to make your hats look adorable funky and cute?

After you get an idea! Now let’s look into the options for pattern, material, color, and design for your custom patch.

Type of custom patches

Now let’s narrow down your choices! Custom patches can be designed into custom woven patches, name patches, printed patches, iron-on patches, and embroidered patches. Go through various sample designs to find your perfect go-to patch.

Embroidered patches and Woven patches are are the excellent choice for custom patches:

  • Embroidered Patches: Custom patches that are created through embroidering thread onto the back to give it a raised look creates traditional custom patches.

Embroidered Patches

  • Woven Patches: Custom patches that are made by the use of thinner threads, to achieve a more finished appearance.

  • Dye sublimation: A modern way to achieve high-end detail to custom patches. In this method, the thread is substituted with a dye to create a detailed look at the custom patch.

Size of custom patches

The size of custom patches is made different for various purposes. The patch size is according to the area it covered. For example; if the patch is made for a jacket sleeve it should be larger and visible with vibrant colors and big text, however, if the patch is used for a bag, then the patch size should be smaller comparatively.

These are some standard sizes used for common custom patches. Let’s have a look:

  • Standard size for hat patches: frequent size is 3
  • Standard size for Military patches: Most frequent size is 4″ Width x 1″ height

Choose border of patches

So what is the best border for your custom patches? The three types of borders: merrowed border, laser cut border, and heat cut border, have the most characteristics associated. Let’s look into how these special borders are best for you:

  • Merrowed Border: The merrowed border is a 1/8 border that defines a clear and simple text on your custom-made patches. These borders look elegant and give a polished, finished detailing to the custom clothing patches. The merrowed border can be shaped into a circle, square, triangle, or rectangle.

Advantages: good durability and looks delicate from side and front.

Disadvantages: Only for simple shapes and restricted to specific width and thickness.

  • Laser Cut Border: Laser cut border is an ideal option for customized shapes. In this process, the emblem is cut as possible as close to the edge. Whatever the feel or look you want out of your custom patch, the laser-cut border will enhance your custom embroidered patches with intricate shapes.

Advantages: Best for highly complex patches and customized patches into any shape.

Disadvantages: Expensive than merrowed border

  • Heat cut Border: It is an ideal option for finished, sophisticated, and detailed edge patches. The design features are completely different than the other two types. This satin border does not emblem the shape but stitches around the edge of the patch.

Advantages: Reliable and the heat cut border does not become fluffy.

Disadvantages: there is no chance to cut off the edges of your border, the patch background also has a different color scheme.

Choose to back for patches

Iron-on, Velcro, or what? Oh my! Too many backing options. It’s hard to figure out the right one for your beautiful custom patch. Okay, so before we get into it. Make sure you know what type of backing you need. I mean, there are different backing options for various purposes. Some are permanent and some are temporary. How to choose your right backing? Here are a few nifty tricks:

  • Iron on Backing: Iron on backing is easy and fast. They are more durable and can be applied easily using a hot iron. It is an ideal option for placing the patch during the sewing process however if your patch is used for active lifestyle purposes I would say it’s a bad idea!

  • Velcro Backing: I love it for my custom patches for hats! These are handy and easy to paste and remove at any time. If you are someone who frequently changes the patches these are your go-to thing.
  • Plastic Backing: Plastic patches are great for providing extra support to the patch. Plastic patches don’t come off easily and are usable even after continuous use.

  • No Backing: Patches without backing mean patches without stiffness and thickness and additional support.
  1. Embroidery thread colors

Go for contrasting colors! Design a unique pattern, with the right combination of vibrant colors so that the text is visible even from a long distance. Your custom patch can become more attractive if you choose the right color apparel. Go with black-white, red-green, white-red, yellow-violet, and orange-yellow to create a vibrant look!


At Austintrim, design your own custom patches today. We offer different threads and twill color options in different shapes. Customize your custom military patches, motorcycle patches, sports patches, and corporate patches. We are ready to help you design the best custom patches! You can also click here to get more info about custom patches and get a quote.

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