Custom Patch Quality Control and Final Inspection

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Custom Patch Quality Control and Final Inspection

Last Updated on March 9, 2020 by hamza

We have specialists for the manufacturing of the custom patches, where we devote entirely so, you receive the ideal custom patches. Our patch process is scrupulous; your custom embroidered patches pass through many different examinations before dispatch to you.

We vigorously give full concentration during every step of manufacturing, packaging, and delivery to the final consumers.
We will certainly share our quality control system with our dear readers, so you may also get aware of it.

Step 1: Soon after the manufacturing process, the custom patches arrive at our office from the factory in clear synthetic wrapping.

Step 2: The custom embroidered emblems are carried out of the plastic wrapping. We then started to figure, by counting whether the correct ordered amount is produced. There and then, every patch gets scanned to make sure the correct emblems.

 Step 3: The custom emblems are matched to the customer sample that the customer has previously agreed to. Meanwhile, the edges are focused thoroughly to make sure whether borders are as demanded, smooth cut, Merrowed, or frayed edges.

Step 4: We send these checked emblems to our packaging department, where double-check is carry out through to check the perfection, before placing them in the shipment bags.

Step 5:

Then we encase the custom patches into saran wrap before placing it into the shipping bag. At Austin Trim, We make sure to dispatch you the perfect custom emblems.


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