Border Options Offered For Embroidered Patches

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Border options Offered For Embroidered Patches

Last Updated on April 27, 2023 by bilal

Here at Austin Trim, we are pleased to give a surplus of different patch border options. Determining the suitable border for your custom patch is imperative. Edges are the final touches and means a lot to proffer a refined look to an emblem. But every material and work required a different border style.

We offer many options to our valuable customers and explain adequately which border is most suitable for which type of patch. I have given a summarized knowledge of all the borders types. Hopefully, at the end of this blog, you would have much experience before placing the order for your next patch.

Smooth Cut

The smooth cut option doesn’t include any stitching or overlocking, and it goes fine with any embroidered patch.

Frayed Edges

The most popular and demanding option, this makes an emblem look stunning. This option requires a unique process to get the frayed edges to a patch.

Merrowed Border

A merrowed border is an ideal option for custom clothing patches that have refined shaped edges. Whether they are circular, rectangle, or triangle. This border would give not only a well -defined appearance but also overlocked subtle tips. It also has long durability, but this option is only suitable if your patches contain half or one-third embroidered work, not 100% embroidered work would pre-eminent the merrowed border perfectly.

Hot Knife

Hot Knife is against the Merrowed border, as it goes well with a 100% embroidered patch. It gives excellent looks to a sophisticated shaped emblem. In this option, we hewed the patches closer to edges for a well-bred exterior.

Satin Stitch

In this option, a satin border is a stitch around the edges of a patch, but this doesn’t overlock the patch like a merrowed border, overall it is suitable with any embroidered patch.

Although we have alternative bordering options, yet, we keep our ears uncovered for the choice of our valued customer, at Austin trim, our collaborative team could also guide on all our doubts, just a click away. We don’t get exhausted explaining and catching precious ideas from our priceless customers.

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