Types Of Lapel Pins Backing

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Custom pins from Austin Trim are a great way to build brand behavior. At Austin trim, we not merely offer a kind of custom pin types – including hard and soft enamel, die-struck, 3D mold, and offset epoxy – however, we also provide some other types of pin backings for you to collect from. Whether you’re planning a custom hard enamel pin or a random printed logo pin, we have the ideal custom pin backing to fit your requirements.

What Kinds of Pin Backings Does Austin trim Proposal?

Rubber Clutch (Black)

Free with any order, the rubber clutch pin backing is a standard for custom pins. The circular shape with a small grabbable holder makes it easy to remove and attach.

Rubber Clutch (Yellow)

the rubber clutch is pin support made for longer custom pins, with two yellow rubber ends for a more stable adjunct.

Butterfly Clutch

the butterfly clutch is a typical pin backing. The tiny, round shape made of the silver element makes it easy to detach and reattach.

Deluxe Clutch

The deluxe clutch is a bonus butterfly clutch with a brushed metal appearance and texture. The small circular shape with a little latch for long time wear.

2-Piece Magnet

The two-piece magnet is one of our most familiar types of pin backings because it allots to a no-puncture adjunct. The magnetic backing of the pin gets compressed with the other magnet on the opposite side of the stuff.

Bar Magnet

Like the two-piece magnet, the bar magnet uses a securely fastened magnet on the back of your custom pin to connect to a second magnet on the other side of the stuff.

Safety Pin

An old safety pin is joined to the back of your design pin and then strung through the clothes or style item for joining.

Bent Legs

For appendage to buttons, the curved legs custom pin support has bendable iron legs added to the back of your custom pin that allows for secure attachment and departure.

Order Custom Pin Backing Now

Our on-demand manufacturing facilitates our customers to order them whenever they required. We take the deadline solemn until we drop your customize order on your doorstep. Check out our family of custom pins, including modernity pins, corporate pins, and 3D mold pins, then buy through the various types of pin backing to find the accurate one for your order of custom pins or allow us to help you.

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