How to Create Custom Clothing Woven Labels

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All amazing products also need equally amazing labels that make the brand seem good, and that will also help others to identify the brand. A printed label cannot do what a woven label can do with just a few changes. If you want to transform the end product of your business, then all you need is woven labels because there is nothing ideal than woven labels. custom clothing woven label is best known for their ability to show even the smallest detail of the design and durability. A woven label can ideally withstand multiple washed. It will never fade after washing, and it can withstand many uses as well. Clothing custom woven labels are ideal for many purposes, especially advertising, promotion, and branding, because not only they will help you to move towards success, but they also feel good and comfortable on the skin.

Clothing custom woven labels can be designed in various ways, so whatever you have in mind regarding the perfect clothing, a custom woven label will be achieved. Such labels allow multiple colours, sizes, and designs to make the clothing custom woven labels creative and unique.

Clothing custom woven labels can be made in various materials with benefits and drawbacks. We will discuss each and every one in detail, along with the uses of woven labels. We will also discuss the manufacturing process of clothing custom woven labels.

How To Create Clothing Custom Woven Labels Guide

Are you thinking about creating your own clothing custom woven labels but do not know where to start? Then you came to the right place. We will make every step of the process easy and explainable to you so that you get the most information about the steps.

Artwork Selection And Graphic Uploading

The first thing is to select an idea or an artwork and then give it to the graphic designer to make the same artwork. In this step, you also need to select the text font and design according to your preferences.

Choosing The Right And Suitable Fabric

The next step involves selecting the suitable fabric for the clothing label. For custom woven labels, you have the choice of selecting between damask material, satin, and taffeta material.

Choosing The Backing Option For The Woven Label

The final step is to choose the backing option you like best for your woven label. You can choose between adhesive, sew-on, iron-on, and Velcro. Sew-on backing is a more permanent and durable option compared to Velcro and adhesive.

How To Create A Unique Custom Woven Label

There are multiple ways to make your custom-woven labels unique and creative from others to make them stand out among the masses. You need to come up with an exciting idea or select one from the choices provided by the designer to promote your brand.

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The Different Materials For The Custom Woven Labels

Every material of the woven label is great in its way, but you can choose one depending upon your requirements and preferences. The various material of woven labels is mentioned below with some brief information about all of them so that you choose one easily.

Damask Woven Labels

The most common type of woven label is a damask woven label made from damask thread. The other material present with the damask is 100% polyester with a high thread number count, indicating that the small details will be shown amazingly with this type of damask label.

  • • Damask woven labels have a soft appearance and feel.
  • • They are made with high-quality material.
  • • Damask woven labels can be created in multiple colours.
  • • Damask woven labels are the most expensive option compared to the various types of woven labels.

Satin Woven Labels

The design and text get more detail and appeal when satin woven labels do it. The label’s background can only be made in limited colours, which is one of the drawbacks of satin woven labels. These labels are ideal for those clothes that need to be comfortable and soft, like baby clothes and other such clothes.

Satin woven labels are created with a combination of polyester and satin threads that make the label shiny and soft. Let us look at the various pros and cons of satin woven labels.

  • • Satin woven labels give an elegant and classic look to the labels.
  • • Satin woven labels are super durable, and they can withstand multiple washes.
  • • Satin woven labels are wonderful and appealing to the eye.
  • • Satin woven labels are made with low count thread, meaning the text will not be great compared to damask woven labels.
  • • Due to the low thread count, the design finishing is not up to standard.
  • • Satin woven labels can only be created in the minimum colour option.

Taffeta Woven Labels

The label’s background is made of taffeta, or the background of the design will be manufactured by taffeta, which will make the whole look of the label pretty outstanding. The damask thread in the taffeta woven labels will be responsible for making the design and text of the label. This type of woven label is pretty affordable compared to the other type of woven labels.

  • • The weave of taffeta woven clothing labels can showcase small text vividly and pretty clearly.
  • • The fantastic thing about the taffeta woven clothing label is that they are not costly, so they are ideal for people that have a small budget.
  • • They have many options of background colours, so that makes them a great choice compared to satin woven labels.
  • • These labels are known for their ability to dry quickly. They are good for an item that gets wet, like towels and swimsuits.
  • • Taffeta woven labels are not considered as durable as the other material of woven labels. So it is their major drawback.
  • • The weave of taffeta woven labels does not show the design or artwork as clearly as others do.

Recycled Woven Labels

The new development of woven labels is recycled woven labels. This is an advancement in the label industry. These labels are introduced to create environmentally friendly and sustainable labels for clothing. It is produced with 100% recycled yarn manufactured from plastic things like plastic bottles.

These labels are very attractive looking and soft to the touch and the most amazing thing about them is that they are environmentally friendly, so there is no danger of environmental harm.

  • • Recycled woven labels have a soft feel and look.
  • • These woven labels are eco-friendly.
  • • Recycled woven labels in no way harm the environment.
  • • They offer an elegant and shiny look to the label.
  • • These types of labels are not very popular in the industry yet.


 custom clothing woven labels are a great choice for the brand to advertise and promote their clothing brand. Woven labels have a classic and durable look that does not fade even after multiple washes. Selecting the right material for woven labels can be hard, so we explained the process and material to make it easy for you.

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