Printed Labels vs Woven Labels: Which are better?

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Clothing labels are essential for any reason. Clothing labels help your brand make its identity in the industry, but they also help you promote your business to new heights. No business, brand, or company cannot start or get successful without a great clothing label. printed labels vs Woven labels go very well together because woven labels are durable, modern, and high-quality to make the clothes look great. Woven labels and printed clothing are a good choice for every clothing company. When buying custom clothing labels, you should consider woven labels and printed clothing.

The choice of woven labels and printed clothing always work because both complement each other. So if you have to choose between printed labels and woven labels and find it hard to select one. Woven labels are famous for their durability and high quality, and printed labels offer more colour options and details.

Woven labels are the expensive option, while printed labels are less expensive and provide a good range of detailing and colour options. There are other various differences between woven labels and printed labels

So in this article, we are going to break down all the factors of printed labels and woven labels so that the choice to choose between them becomes simple for you.

Printed Labels VS Woven Labels

You must have made a choice between two types of clothing labels so that you made the right one for your brand or business. For your clothing label, you have a choice to make between printed labels and woven labels. You must have thought one is a good and better option than the other.

A clothing label is very important for any new or old clothing brand, so one should make the right decision in choosing the best material for the labels. Many factors need to be kept in mind while selecting the perfect clothing label for your business.

What is a Woven Label?

Woven clothing labels are considered the best quality labels that are also industry-standard and are widely used by tons of designers and small industries. Woven labels are famous among high-end clothing designers and other new clothing industries.

The woven label is created in a jacquard loom that waves the thread in various different colours that match and contrast together to make a remarkable design according to the client’s satisfaction. Manufacturing the label is a very important process for both the manufacturers and clients because their brand image depends upon the end result.

Woven labels can showcase a brand name, logo, care, and content information about the garment as well as flag and made the label. They are a high-quality label that does not cause itching to the skin as they are soft and smooth against the skin.

The Pros Of Woven Clothing Labels

There are multiple benefits of woven clothing that are as follow:

  • Woven labels have a very high quality. They are the most top-quality labels available in the market. They are used by all types of high-end clothing designers in the industry. They are very smooth, lustrous, and soft to the skin.
  • Woven labels are famous for their durability, and they last longer than any other labels. They do not fade or wear down after multiple washes and use. They do not fade or fray after use. After years and years, the labels will also have a good look and feel.
  • Woven labels are highly versatile, so they allow a lot of customizability. There is a huge range of different options for clients to choose from to personalize their custom labels.
  • Woven labels have a very smooth and luxurious feel to the skin, unlike many other types of labels that feel scratchy and uncomfortable to the skin.

The Cons Of Woven Clothing Labels

The limitation also presented in woven clothing labels are they are as follow:

  • Woven labels are an expensive option when it comes to clothing labels because weaving is involved in designing the labels. The yarn has to be run several times, so a lot of time and effort is made to make woven labels.
  • Woven labels are not a good option if you want to make your label with extra fine and small texts with minute detailing. Printed labels are a good choice to showcase small designs and texts.
  • Woven labels can only be created in a limited number of colours, so if a customer wants their label to have multiple colours with different shading, then a woven label is not ideal for them. On the other hand, printed labels can be created in a huge variety of colours.

What Is A Printed Clothing Label?

Printed labels are the most affordable option when it comes to clothing labels. They are great for every function a clothing label performs. Printed labels are ideal for many designs as they allow a huge range of personalization effects. You can also use a wide range of colours with printed clothing labels.

You can add many rows of text with printed clothing labels without any fear of unreadability. The manufacturing process of printed clothing labels is fast because only the required design or text needs to be printed, not woven clothing labels.

These types of labels are mostly used in all types of garments like shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts, children’s clothes, and much more. They can showcase care and content and brand and logo names. The printed method also varies, so decide which printing method suits your best if you want good results.

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The Pros Of Printed Clothing Labels

Printed labels are pretty famous among the masses, and some of their main advantages are listed below. So take a look at them.

  • Printed clothing labels can be created and designed in a huge range of colours. There is no limitation on colours when it comes to design. These labels are great for photos and images. So they add a whole new appeal to the label.
  • The printed label has a quick production time. They can be created in less time than other labels as they have a quick turnaround. The custom-printed labels can be manufactured and delivered more quickly than other labels.
  • Printed labels can be created in rich and vivid colours that make the whole look of the label appealing and attractive. To make your label stand out, printed labels are the best option.
  • Printed labels are multi-purpose labels as they show every kind of big and small text in brand labels, care and content labels, and laundry instruction.

The Cons Printed Clothing Labels

The cons of printed labels are as such

  • Printed labels are not a durable option compared to woven clothing labels.
  • They have some colour limitations on flexographic or screen-printed labels. So these limitations lower the range of colours used in the printing of labels.
  • Printed labels are not famous for their quality. They do not have good quality overall.

The principal dissimilarities between woven clothing labels and printed clothing labels

The prime difference between the two labels is based on

  • Price of clothing labels
  • The data variation of clothing labels
  • The durability factor of clothing labels
  • The professional quality of clothing labels
  • The intricacy of clothing label designing


Printed labels Vs Woven labels are both goods in their way. Still, clients should be mindful of all the benefits and limitations of both labels to make the best decision for their brand or business, so if you have to choose between printed labels and woven labels and find it hard to select one. Woven labels are famous for their durability and high quality, and printed labels offer more colour options and details.

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