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Online Custom Patch Maker

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There are tons and tons of online custom patch makers in the market today who will help you design the perfect patch design for your company or brand. If you want to get a unique look, it will be best to narrow down your online custom patch maker options.

Getting the perfect patch makers seems a daunting task because you will want a company that will meet your expectations and delivers in time. You also wish to pay affordable prices for the custom patches and like designers who will get your expectations transferred on paper.

So we have tried to make the whole process easy for you by explaining all the steps in detail so that everything is crystal clear for you. So if you want to make the selection of online custom patch makers as simple as possible, let’s move forward.

Online Custom Patch Maker

Here are some steps that you will go through while choosing an online patch making company

First Step: Choose a company

To start, you must make sure that the artwork you have decided upon for your custom patch will be converted to some accessible file for the manufacturing process by the company. So it will be great to choose a company that will offer unlimited revision of artwork and free artwork services.

Second Step: Check if the company provides priority shipping for free

The next step is to ensure that the company you have decided to be your online custom patch maker provides a complimentary priority shipping service. Almost all the companies that advertise or sell custom patches offer free shipping because all the shipping services are not exact. A free standard service for shipping takes between a few months to a few weeks to reach you.

Third Step: look for a company that offers a written guarantee of quality

The last factor to consider for choosing an online custom patch maker is that they provide you with a written document to guarantee the quality patches they will make for you. This guarantee will be essential to give you peace of mind because you will be assured that your custom patches will be created free from any manufacturing defects and with top-notch quality.

To find the perfect and reliable company for your custom patches, it is essential to keep these three steps or factors in mind. However, there are still some things that need to be told. So let us get started.

What To Expect From Your Online Custom Patch Maker?

The type of service and the level of custom patch-making service depend highly on the company you choose. Some companies provide the three essential items mentioned before, like priority shipping for free, a written quality guarantee, and free artwork.

But one of the other important things like good customer service may not be offered by such companies. This factor gets really frustrating and troublesome for those clients who want to create the artwork from scratch. Providing your won artwork gets half of the job done.

The whole custom patch-making process will move fast when a ready artwork is submitted for the manufacturing process. But when you only have artwork done by hand, things get a slowdown. It may take several days to receive the first proof of your artwork. The first sample will likely need revisions on the design.

Some patch makers get things right the first time, but it is hard to tell which company or patch makers are best when it is your first time. Not getting the right design as you wanted maybe because of bad communication. Sometimes, clients face problems communicating what they actually want from the service.

Austin Trim prioritizes communication between the designers and the clients and believes that the client should not be kept in the dark about the whole process; instead, they should be consulted in every step of custom patch-making.

The Process Of Making Custom Patches Is Made Straight Forward

At Austin Trim, we aim to make things as specific as possible for the entire process of ordering and designing custom patches. We provide the most basic and essential thing any online custom patch maker provides: free artwork service, a written guarantee of quality, and free priority shipping.

We strive to offer the best customer service experience to your clients throughout the entire process. Our professional designers will make the crafting custom patch process easy, and once you submit a free quote, you will get proof of the artwork within the next 24 to 48 hours. The step of revision is done in twenty-four hours or even less.

Our sales team will always be available to get the refining finishing touches to the artwork and help you choose the options that will broaden your vision, including choosing the material for your patch.

You have choices like custom embroidery patches, PVC waterproof patches, and photo-printed patches. Apart from that, you have to decide the thread, size, and shape for the patch design. We will provide regular updates t our clients about the manufacturing process.

How Should I Choose An Online Custom Patch Maker?

We believe that we offer the best customer service and also high-quality custom patches in the whole industry, and we are ready to provide you with a good deal that will meet all your requirements.

  • The order prices will depend upon the material, design, size, shape, and thread of the design.
  • Our shipping service will not be like the standard shipping service that will take months and weeks to reach you, but it will be priority shipping that ensures that you receive your shipment on time.
  • Our written quality guarantee will ensure that your custom patches will be made with top care. There would not be any manufacturing defects, and the patches will be made with overall high quality.
  • If you receive patches with any deformities like manufacturing defects, wrong size, or choice of thread, you will be reimbursed.
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