Woven VS Printed Labels

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After tremendous hardworking on your product when it’s time to recognize your apparel or a garment in the market or to convert your product into a brand, the first concern would be the label so you can express your thought and convey your message to the user. The most common prototype of labels to detect your clothing /accessories and apparel are woven vs printed labels if you seem for tags to boost the worth of your product. You need first to examine the right label that goes perfectly for your product.

If you are picking the woven label, that will add extra flavour to your product. Austin Trim provides its customers to choose up to 8 colours with various material qualities like Damask, taffeta, or satin thread. Damask is most popular amongst our customers because of its soft touch against the skin, and it can weave even the smallest features in a very smooth way, although Satin thread is brimming with its attributes of softness and elegance. You also have options to pluck your woven label into loop fold, Centerfold, or straight cut.

Note: Don’t forget to also check out woven vs embroidered patches

If you want your brand’s name lingers for a long time on the label, then choose woven labels for your product. Austin Trim’s team would succour you with the best option so you can make your product vital and identifiable in the market.

Printed Labels:

Printed labels are clear, sharp, and undoubtedly understandable. If you want your product to be escorted by numerous vivid colours without limitations, you can grasp them. And peculiarly, if you are at the opening phase of your newly established business where you are commencing efforts to cut down charges, as printed labels are so cost-effective.

Austin Trim provides a family of printed satin labels that are published by using flexographic ink, so the text on the label could not become tarnished after being washed several times.

The plain white and black satin material uses for the printed labels that pleasure last on your colourful garment, bestowing your brand name and other content more specific. These satins are smooth, soft, and skin-friendly. Austin Trim grants three patterns of satin Labels.

Woven edge label: Most demanded printed labels as they endure super-soft woven edges.

Slit edge label: With a straight edge, flexible and silky to feel.

Double Face woven edge: These are strongly urged when your customer wants the content covering both sides of the labels.

The backside of the label could be managed to print care instructions for the customer to haul more attention. This material is visible with bright, smooth, and shiny on both surfaces.

Whether you wish for printed or woven labels, your label would exhibit the resolution of your brand and the meaning of your arduous work. To place an order at Austin Trim, please click here.

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