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Best Places To Put Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are great for personalizing your backpack, hats, and jackets just the way you want them, and these pins are also great for accessories and clothing. As enamel pins are durable and removable, they are great for backpacks. Pins like custom metal pins, personalized pins, and custom acrylic pins are great for decoration and long-lasting. You must want to follow the latest trend of putting on enamel pins on your apparel and clothing pieces and have wondered where to put enamel pins to make them stand out. So we have got the answer for you in this article.

Here at Austin Trim, the exceptional pin creators can bring your awesome ideas to reality and will make your apparel look out of this world with high-quality enamel pins. We are pin makers online that will give life to your ideas for your backpack. So let us get down to it.

Where To Put Enamel Pins To Make Them Stand Out?

In this segment, we have gathered some ideas and pen them down for enthusiasts who find it hard to find the best place to put their enamel pins.

By following the ways we will mention in this post, your enamel pins will be displayed to the fullest and will force people to take notice of them.

  • Add enamel pins to decorate your bag
  • Add enamel pins to the front of your beanie
  • Add enamel pins to decorate embroidery hoop
  • Dress up your pet with enamel pins
  • Decorate the pin board with your favorite enamel pins
  1. Add custom enamel pins to decorate your bag

Custom enamel pins are textured and durable and ideal for showing off your unique personality from just a plain little backpack. Austin Trim will help you create pins of all colors, sizes, and shapes from any material or style you want.

  1. Add enamel pins to the front of your beanie

During winter, beanies become a cozy necessity, so why not keep yourself warm while still being fashionable. You can style your beanie with your favorite enamel pins to spice things up.

  1. Add enamel pins to decorate embroidery hoop

Decorating an embroidery hoop with your favorite enamel pins is a great and adorable idea to showcase your collection and make a great decoration piece.

  1. Dress up your pet with enamel pins

If you have pets, you can dress them up with cute outfits styling the enamel pins. You can put enamel pins on cute little jackets, vests, or sweaters and rock your pet outfit with little and cute enamel pins.

  1. Decorate the pin board with your favorite enamel pins

The last best place to answer the question of where to put enamel pin is pin board. If you have a pin-board at home or office, you can decorate it with enamel pins that show your hobby or work mottos.

What Are Enamel Pins?

Enamel pins are an extension of a person’s individuality and personality, allowing them to personalize different clothing items like hats, jeans, jackets, and accessories like bags.

Different Types Of Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are most customizable, just like custom clothing labels. There are two most common enamel pins, soft and hard enamel pins. Apart from that, there are some other types of enamel pins. So we will discuss all those familiar and affordable types of enamel pins.

Soft enamel pins

The most popular choice for enamel pins is soft enamel pins. These pins are the favorite ones among beginners because they allow great versatility and customization options. Soft enamel pins can be designed with many colors that include vibrant colors.

Soft enamel pins are textured, so you can feel the design’s raised edges and ridges. However, these pins are less durable than hard enamel pins.

Hard enamel pins

The more durable and smooth option of enamel pins is the hard enamel pins that generally have more restrictions in terms of customization and colors option. Hard enamel pins are the expensive and more luxurious choice of enamel pins. The color options for hard enamel pins are limited and less vivid than the soft enamel pins

The extra coating and polishing process of hard enamel pins make them more durable and expensive

3D mold

The die-cast or 3D mold pins are also a type of enamel pins. They are created when hot metal is poured into a design mold under high pressure. These pins provide a classic, elegant appearance from pewter or zinc.

Die-cast pins allow you to create intricate design pins. 3D mold pins are ideal for toys, symbols, and animal designs.

Die Struck

These enamel pins are manufactured by pressing the metals like copper, iron, and gold against any steel mold. The striking if the metal allows the recessed are to receive more color choices.

How Are Enamel Pins Created?

Custom enamel pins are a fulfilling and fun way to transform the whole look of your design into an outstanding physical product. So up till now, you must have found out where to put enamel pins so we can move towards the manufacturing part. But the actual procedure of creating them can be daunting if you do not know where to start the process.

Create what your audience would love

Narrow down your designs for the enamel pin into a unique niche. Understanding the demand of the audience is very important for any business. Those products sell like hotcakes that highlight something creative and unique.

Follow your hobbies or interest

Enamel pins designs are mainly about interests or hobbies like book reading, gardening, baking, etc. You can also make enamel pins of famous quotes from popular TV series and movies.

Create a custom enamel pin design

After going through all the design options and deciding the one you like best, the next step entails creating the custom design. If you sell the custom pin, it is essential to know what they will look like.

Tons of talented artists available can turn your ideas into exceptional products. Apart from them, there are other resources for designing your enamel pins.


The next step after finalizing the design is to find a manufacturer who will turn your plans into beautiful enamel pins.


You must have thought about where to put enamel pins so that you can follow the latest trends. The best place to put enamel pin is in front of caps, backpacks, and jackets. Austin Trim designers are exceptional pin creators who will bring your awesome ideas to reality and make your apparel look out of this world with high-quality enamel pins.

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