What Are Challenge Coins

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What Are Challenge Coins

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Challenge coins are exchanged and traded during the visits of various national and international organizations or companies during some kind of service tour.

They are metal coins that are given to military personnel and often exchanged between friends. They are heavily collected by some of the retired and active law enforcement people and also service members.

What Are Challenge Coins And Who Used Them?

Challenge coins are generally metal coin or medallion that bears the logo or insignia of an organization or a logo or emblem carried by the member or individual of any organization. Challenge coins have a traditional value for military individuals and they often exchange them among friends and fellow soldiers to show support and appreciation.

They were basically used by the service men and women to showcase their exclusive and prestigious membership to any organization or law enforcement department and to highlight and increase their morale.

Challenge coins are an example and symbol of commemoration. They make a perfect sign of comradeship among law enforcement departments like military members and other law enforcement services. The challenge coins are these days serving as a linking bridge between brands and their client or customers.

What Makes Challenge Coins Famous?

Challenge coins are a unique and modern form of reward and they are highly valued among soldiers and other law enforcement departments. Sometimes they are used as an epitome of comradeship and friendship. Challenge coins are so famous because they are eye-catching and elegant and they are super budget-friendly so you do not have to pay a lot to get custom challenge coins made.

Nowadays challenge coins are highly used to promote brands and companies and such companies and brands now and then award their staff with such challenge coins as tokens of appreciation and used as badges. They are more popular than badges and trophies because they are an advanced form of showing support and appreciation.

Companies and brands and getting custom challenge coins made to showcase their brand and company’s logo and name as they are very eye-pleasing and distinguishable. There are tons of ways to customize challenge coins so they are super versatile and could be personalized in different shapes, colors, sizes, styles, and text.

Challenge coins are perfect for showing your support and motivation and they are very cheap than the trophies they are easy to carry around with you so that makes them an ideal choice. They can also foster a special message, culture, or value for any institution or organization. They are amazing to showcase one’s accomplishments and achievements.

Why Makes Challenge Coins Ideal For Brand Promotion?

Challenge coins are an amazing way to promote your brand among your clients and customers. The uses and functions of challenge coins have broken all the set boundaries, and now they are used in several ways for promoting a brand, branding, and also identifying any business, company, or brand.

The Different Types Of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have other types, and every type is more beautiful and impressive than the others. Let us look at some of the types of challenge coins.

Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

Hard enamel coins like challenge coins have a beautiful and luxurious and more refined feel to them. They are formed by stamping the design on the surface of the coin and it does not have any raised edges; instead, it owns a soft and shiny feel because they are polished during the manufacturing process giving them a unique sheen.

Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Soft challenge coins do not mean the coin will be soft but a challenge coin with edges that can be felt when touched. The soft challenge coin is a type of challenge coin where the surface of the coins has not been polished. The coin has raised edges and also textured feel which makes it unique and very appealing to the eye.

Die-Struck Challenge Coins

Die-struck challenge coins are formed with a steel die to strike or form a design or picture or image onto the upper flat space of iron, copper, and brass coin. Challenge coins of such type can be created with 3D detailing having enhanced details, design, and also sizes.

3D Cast Challenge Coins

3D challenge coins have a 3D cast design over the upper surface of the challenge coin. Such coins have raised and recessed areas like sculptures of any type.

Epoxy Challenge Coins

Epoxy coins have a thick surface layer that gives them a beautiful distinct and tough way look. The surface of the challenge coin gets a little shiny and of course also smooth. Such types of coins which are challenge coins are very affordable and also unique options compared to other types like hard enamel challenge coins.


In this article, we discussed what are challenge coins and why they are popular for branding, and also the different types of challenge coins. They are metal coin or a medallion that is used by some organizations as an award or token of appreciation to their members. They are very traditional for military individuals.

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