Types Of Backing For Your Custom Patches

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custom patches and backings

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by hamza

There are multiple backing options available when you are customizing your custom patch. It’s really important for you to understand each of our backing options to offer. Every single backing has a different purpose. We will help you to choose the right backing for your custom patches.

Velcro Backings

Velcro Backing:

Our high-quality Velcro backing, hook & loop design. For uniforms especially, hook & loop is the best choice you ever made. This backing comes with both hook & loop sides, all you have to do is sew the loop fastener to your garment or uniform.

Plastic Backings

Plastic Backing:

Plastic backing adds stiffness and support to your patch, allowing it to remain flat over time, which means that even after continuous use, it will maintain its shape.

Woven Labels With Adhesive Backings

Adhesive Backing:

As the Adhesive backing is very convenient, so the most popular and familiar backing for embroidery patches is the Adhesive one. Easy removable but less permanent than another backing. However, Adhesive backing is the best option for you.

Iron On Patches With Iron on Backings

Iron-On Backing:

Just put the patch on the clothing and press the steam iron on the patch until fully seated. It is a fast and easy way to attach. When you use ironing support on your patch, always remember it won’t last forever. It is most suitable for casual wear.

Patches With No Backings Are Usually Sewed on to cloth

No Backing:

Patches with no backing generally are lightweight but it’s not durable at all. No backing patches do not have the thickness or stiffness as other patches have. The back of your patch will be exposed and no backing will be applied during splicing.

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