How To Use Custom Patches Hiding Torn Spots On Your Clothes

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Jeans Torn Spots

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by hamza

With a little creativity and some Embroidered Patches, you can hide the torn spots on your clothes. Everyone faces this problem. After wearing your clothes twice, the newly bought broke a hole. Always feels heavy to throw it away. But you can reuse them again by using custom patches to hide your torn spot on your clothes. You can easily redesign your clothes by using a variety of styles, patterns, and backing, there is a good way to cover the torn holes in your clothes. There are some clothes materials that are most suitable for different backings.


Cotton Material:

Iron-on patches to cover the torn is the most suitable for cotton material. Cotton is a very commonly used material to make different types of clothes. Iron-on backing is the easiest way to stick on and it can last the longest time.

Polyester Yarns

Nylon, Polyester & Spandex:

These types of fabric materials can easily catch heat. So iron-on patch is a wise idea. Sew-on and adhesive backing would be great on your clothes. It is most durable and easy to handle.

Leather Bags

Leather Material:

Leather is a very unique material. There are many patches and backings that are not suitable for this kind of material. Especially iron-on is the biggest enemy of leather. Always use sew-on and adhesive would be the best choice.

Denim Material:

Denim material is very friendly to use every type of patch. You can apply iron-on, sew-on, Velcro, and adhesive backings to hide the torn holes on your clothes. If you want a durable and long-lasting try. Iron-on patches are the best option for your clothes.

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