How To Use Cotton Labels For Tote Bags

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Cotton labels are the ideal way to get your brand to reach the heights and professional level. These labels will have your brand logo on them and will assist your clients and customers in remembering your brand every time they see and utilize your products. The question of where to buy cotton labels for tote bags must have arisen in your mind if you are looking for labels for your handbags or totes bags. Then we have the answer for you. Austin Trim provides exceptional high-quality cotton labels for your tote bags and handbags.

Labeling, especially cotton labeling, helps you to reach the potential of business you ever wished for. So labeling is the option to realize your business dreams, so do not miss this opportunity. We are going to discuss cotton labels and the importance of labeling.

Where To Buy Cotton Labels For Totes And Handbags In 2022

Labels for bags or totes add a certain appeal and value to your handbags. It can be your brand or company logo. You have a lot of choices when it comes to materials for the labels for your totes.

Cotton labels are the best choice when it comes to labeling your handbags because they are super durable, appealing, and have other qualities as well.

Cotton labels that improve your brand are very necessary for your every product because they will help your company grow and gain customers. Many businesses have very simple and formal brand guidelines for their every product. But if you want to make your competition with its opponent and grow to new heights, then you need to focus more on the labeling process.

Austin Trim is the best choice when it comes to where to buy cotton labels for totes. We offer top-quality service, 100% results, and easy steps to follow to get custom cotton labels for totes.

Labels For Bags

If you want your bag, handbag, or tote to have value or appeal, then the best thing to do is that gives them a beautiful label that will not only showcase your company name or brand but will remind your customers of your products.

The bag labels can be embossed or be a metal buttons. A care label can also be used with the brand label so that the customer takes the best care of the product. In this way, customers will know the right things to look after the tote or handbag.

There is variety when it comes to material and when you have decided upon the material that best suit your tote or handbags, then you can find the company to make your dream label for your tote.

After selecting the company and discussing the design and material for the tote, you must choose if you want the label to be sewn in or if you want to follow some other backing option. Apart from that, you have to select if you want multiple-fold options or some other.

Types Of Labels For Handbags

As mentioned before, there are different types of labels available for totes, handbags, and other kinds of purses. So we will discuss each one of them and delineate their properties and factors that make them a good choice for your company or brand.

  • Woven labels for totes

The most common labels present in the world are the woven labels that are widely used on garments. They are popular because of many of their outstanding features like durability and the ability to showcase minute detailing of the design.

Woven labels make a good choice of labels for totes or handbags. These labels are the most famous and affordable choice that is great for the branding of companies and businesses. Woven labels are ideal for showing off your crafts, textile, clothing pieces, and, of course, totes.

  • Printed labels for totes

Printed labels are the most affordable option when it comes to totes and clothing labels. They are great for every function a clothing or apparel label performs. Printed labels are ideal for many designs as they allow a vast range of personalization effects. You can also use a wide range of colors with printed clothing labels.

They can showcase care and content and brand and logo names. The printed method also varies, so decide which printing method suits your best if you want good results.

Care Labels For Totes

The tote bag can also have cotton care labels. As care labels are first printed and then on the inside of the tote so, printed them first with all the appropriate information is essential. These kinds of labels will advise the user on how to care for the bag appropriately. The label will also highlight the information like where the bag was made, the material used in its manufacturing, etc.

Swing Tags For Totes

The last type of bag label is swing tags, also known as hang tags. They add value to your tote or bag and are printed and cut into the shape that suits your brand amazingly.

There are various finishes available for swing tags; they are as follows:

  • Square corners
  • Diagonal corners
  • Drilled holes
  • Round corners
  • Metal eyelets
  • Rustic string
  • Elastic hoop
  • Wax card
  • Soft string
  • Plastic Security loop
  • Ball chain

Custom Labels For Handbags And Totes

Custom labels are designed according to the client’s needs and requirements, keeping in view all the materials, costs, and aesthetics the client requires to match their brand’s overall image. There are many advantages when it comes to custom cotton labels for totes and handbags. Personalizing cotton labels will help you to promote your brand and make them stand out in the industry.

Steps Of Ordering Custom Labels For Bags – First To Last Step

Here are the steps you must follow to make your custom cotton labels. These steps will answer your question about where to buy totes cotton labels.

  • Quote request
  • Approve the artwork
  • Confirm the order
  • Submission of order


Tote bag labels are custom created in various materials and designs that make them unique and appealing. The answer to where to buy cotton labels for tote bags is that Austin Trim offers top-quality cotton labels for totes and handbags. So why go anywhere else when we offer fantastic service.

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