2D and 3D PVC Patches

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The market is continuously developing, and PVC patches are becoming very famous among the masses. Many corporate promoters and fashion enthusiasts began to personalize a vast range of unique PVC patches. An ordinary buyer would not find it easy to differentiate between 2D and 3D PVC patches because their difference is not that noticeable. That is why we are here to discuss the dissimilarities of 2D and 3D PVC patches for the PVC patches fans. So let us get started.

2D and 3D PVC Patches Which One Is Best?

There is a huge range of rubber PVC patches available in the market, but deciding between 2D and 3D PVC patches and their differences constantly raises many questions in our customers’ minds. So we will discuss the differences between the two so all the features of 2D, and 3D PVC patches are clear.

2D PVC Patches

A most common or regular 2D PVC patch often has two or more layers. Looking from a broad view or from afar, a 2D PVC seems to have a flat design, and they do not have any curvy feeling, roundness, or circular arc to the patch.

A lot of 2D PVC patches have three layers, it has lumpiness, and they look like they have multiple pieces of a PVC patch. All the layers of a 2D PVC patch are horizontal, so they do not have any curvature that is embossed on any 2D PVC patch.

The background layer is the first layer of 2D patches, with the second layer over the first one known as the second layer and further on. The first layer has another name as the “base layer,” and for the backing of the patch, mostly Velcro is attached on the backside of the patch, but the backing option depends upon the customer’s choice.

The second layer of the 2D PVC patch adds all the elements over the first layer, such as some artwork design, text, or other elements. The first layer carries all the elements and the second layer is usually the flat one.

On the top of the second layer comes the third layer. The third layer often adds some last elements of the artwork or text that usually show the brand name or other information on the patch. The layers of a 2D PVC patch are like ladders that can be in a horizontal plane of any other plan level.

3D PVC Patches

3D PVC patches offer a vivid feeling of sensing three-dimensionality. A layer or multiple layers of a 3D PVC patch offers the 3D stereoscopic effect, but in actuality, the curvature achieves the stereoscopic effect. A 3D PVC patch has one or more than one layers that show curves.

A 3D PVS patch may have two layers that include the background layer and the layer of the convex part. The convex part will be detected as having rounds and curves simply like the curvature of an actual arm when we see the PVC patch from the side. 3D PVC patches have no edges, and it is smooth.

While 2D PVC patches layers seem like a staircase, the different layers of 3D PVC patches are like uneven hills or places, but all the raised parts of the patches are round and smooth.

Compared to 3D PVC patches with 2D patches, the latter is cheaper than the former. 3D patches are more vivid and smooth compared to 2D patches. If you are planning to customize a huge batch of PVC patches and you need to maintain the cost, then you can go with 2D patches.

If you want something unique, realistic, and stereoscopic in PVC keychains or patches, then 3D patches are best for you.

What Are PVC Patches?

PVC patches are the modern substitute for embroidered patches, and they are made from durable plastic. PVC is very versatile, and it comes in a huge range of colors that can bring a new appeal to any of your custom design patches. The PVC patches have an unobtainable look and feel to any embroidery patch.


PVC Patch

PVC is one of the earliest artificial materials with tons of industrial uses. PVC was discovered by Henri Renault, a French chemist, in 1835. Polyvinyl chloride is a kind of plastic that feels the same as rubber. PVC is valued for its durability, and this plastic is very soft compared to the other common types of rubber.

The Uniqueness Of PVC Patches

PVC patches do not fade, peel, crack, or fray like embroidery patches. They are waterproof, making them a great candidate for all types of apparel, especially military patches that undergo outdoor use. Apart from that, sports gear or other sport application use PVC patches because of their amazing features.

The patches created from PVC can give uniqueness to your design with dimension and depth while keeping everything simple to clean with simply a damp cloth. PVC patches come in various backing options, but mostly, they are used with a Velcro backing.

The Reason Why You Should Get PVC Patches

If you are looking for a fashionable yet rugged look in your patches, then PVC patches will ideally fit your requirements. PVC can greatly withstand snow, grit, dirt, rain, and a lot more. PVC patches are super trendy, so they are the first choices of many people.

PVC patches are ideal for almost all occasions. They are flexible, durable, and stylish, keep their shape and color, and durable. They are perfect for outdoor use like sportswear and military uniforms. PVC patches are made from soft plastic, and it has an endless range of colors that makes them perfect for all designs.

The Durability Of PVC Patches

PVC lasts longer than any other patches because they are made from a specific plastic that does not let it fade, crack, peel, or fray. PVC patches are manufactured from high-quality plastic that makes them highly durable and can even withstand extreme weather like snow and rain.

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