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Customers are known as the Assets of the company. We’re huge supporters of our repeated buyers. Usually, it occurs when the customer is well aware of the companies or seller’s potential to meet his demands more reliably.

If you’re visiting us, you’ve presumably previously experienced one order with us or looking forward to obtaining us your partner for the first time.

At Austin Trim, we have analyzed and compiled some worthy causes for our Loyal Customer approaching us frequently.

  1. Quicker turnaround/manufacturing days

We are in continuous strive to make our operations more well-built. We carefully observed and considered the time gap between your orders and if you are returning customers to get well aware of our quality control and manufacturing technique. Which finally leads to less the turnaround time of your order comparison to the previous one. As our most returning clients trust us so strongly, sometimes don’t even fret about approving the sample and leaving this on our shoulders.

  1. Free design as an aide

First-time customer minds to be a little nervous with our free design help. Our designers are experts and can take in some twisted concepts, epistles, and drafts and deliver penetrating finishes.
Although somewhere else, that aid would cost much.
So take benefit of our free design to design a new story of your logo or a perhaps substitute plan. Or venture on an entirely new product to experience something new and splendid.

  1. You’ll enjoy unlimited courtesies

Repeat shoppers get access to substantial compensation chances through their customer agents. Which might include

  • considerable discounts
  • Lax, convenient Shipment
  • Free Additional Quantity

To access such benefits, which measures do you need to take?

Simply appear in the list of our valuable customers, make your order even not so significant for the first time. We will drop the surprises in your inbox for sure. It’s similar to a buffet restaurant where the only charge of entry is dragging you to unlimited meal offers. If you are planning to start a business or growing your already held business, Austin trim will take the extra mile to assist you. Place your first order today to enjoy affordable wholesale prices on many products and free consultation from our team.
Austin Trim has something to contribute to everyone; it doesn’t matter its new buyers, old buyers. You won’t find a better range of custom accessories with free standard shipping and design support.

Where Do I Request Custom Patches?

You can order custom patches direct here at Austin trim. We make the ordering process speedy, smooth, and accessible for our customers. You need to do:

  • Have a few words with your representative to deliver your thoughts. Or get your required information, if you feel like  (Otherwise we have all the product, prices, shipping and ordering details on our website)
  • Then submit your design/sketch or any similar sample. (or we can help you design one),
  • Our wanted colors, size, and backing and let us do the rest!

Where Can I Produce My Patches?
Designing your sketch is an enjoyable process, and supporting partners like Austin Trim would make it easier for you. With our fully equipped environment, we are ready to help you to design your dream design. Whatever design you own, in the form of a rough sketch or similar project with your desired amendments, we will create them to perfect completion. You will not dislike picking us as a partner to serve you to design your customized patches.

What is the benefit of Bulk purchasing?
At Austin Trim, we grant our customers to order in volume, at most affordable prices, with the best turnaround time.  Access us today, and Request a quote and start to experience our seamless manufacturing process.

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