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If you just begin your business or company and found out about the need for company stickers for packaging and other stuff then do not worry because we got you covered.  You must be wondering where to buy custom clear sticker paper that is not only made quickly but has class and good quality. Stickers are the simplest, most impressive, and most creative way to build and promote your business and your brand name and if you are thinking about the process then we will be discussing it at length later in the segment. So let us get into it!

Custom Stickers are tremendous for almost every reason like decorating your personal things, customizing your product and of course, promoting your company. To answer the query where to buy custom clear sticker paper quickly has some simple and quick steps.

So let us get started!

What Factors To Follow While Ordering Custom Stickers?

  • The First step is to choose the sticker type you want.
  • Pick the material type, hue, and style of the stickers of your choice.
  • If you have the artwork for the custom sticker then you can begin the manufacturing.
  • Or if you still have to pick the style then the Austin Trim designers will help you.
  • Then enter the sizes of stickers you want.
  • After that pick the shape you like best.
  • You can pick the bulk quantity for the stickers.
  • After that, you can confirm the order.

Dimension Of Custom Sticker

You can select between 3D or 2D dimensions to increase the sticker’s full look. 2D and 3D both dimensions will transform the sticker’s feel and appeal and make it seem more vibrant, attractive, and creative. The dimension logo of the sticker, the design of the sticker, and other elements will instantly make the sticker more eye-pleasing with 2D and 3D dimensions.

The Shape Of Custom Stickers

The other factor to be mindful of is selecting the shape of your custom sticker. In the market, there are no limitations but tons and tons of ideas for the shape of the custom sticker. Customer has all the freedom to select any shape for their custom stickers.

You can even get unconventional shapes for your custom stickers to make the sticker look more unique and suitable for your brand.

Size Of Custom Stickers

The size is also an essential factor to keep in mind while making custom stickers and it is like other factors up to your requirement, liking, and preference. No matter which size you want we can create them for you. You can get your custom sticker in all sizes you like. At our store, the maximum size of stickers is 15 inches we can change that to suit your requirements.

Colors Of Custom Stickers

The other factor to keep in mind is the color scheme of the custom sticker. You can make a decision for base colors and contrast colors or other hues for your custom sticker. In the store, we have many options, so choosing could become hard sometime.

Different Types Of Custom Stickers

There are many types of stickers available like metallic stickers, clear stickers, Kraft paper stickers, and vinyl stickers.

Now it is up to you to select the one that suits your needs best!

What Are The Steps For Ordering Stickers?

Here are some steps you will go through while choosing an online sticker-making company, and these steps will be the answer to the primary question of where to order custom stickers.

Here are some steps you will go through while choosing an online sticker-making company, and these steps will be the answer to the primary question of where to order custom stickers.

  1. Select a sticker-manufacturing company.
  2. Check for free shipping
  3. Good-quality written guarantee


In this article, we discussed where to buy custom clear sticker paper. You must have thought about this if you are planning to customize the stickers for your new brand or company. Well, we got the solution for you. Austin Trim makes amazing custom stickers of every shape, color, and size.

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