What Is Elastic? Types Of Elastics | How To Use Elastics In Clothing?

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Elastics - Types Of Elastics !

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Elastics are made of fabric which is a combination of materials that have flexible natures as well as elastic characteristics. The strands of each fabric are woven together to create a great elastic fabric that holds its shape even when it is stretched out.

Braided ElaBraded Elastics - it is usually light in weight and gets narrow when stretched

List OF 3 Types OF Elastics

  1. Braided Elastic
  2. Knit Elastic
  3. Woven Elastic

Braided Elastic:

Braided elastic is usually light in weight and gets narrow when stretched. This elastic rolls more easily than woven or knitted elastics and tends to lose stretch if it is sewn through. Braided elastic has a longer life expectancy than other elastic and this can be a good option for an item you know will get heavy use.

How To Use:

Braided elastic can be stiched directly on the fabric for less rucking and gathers. This type of elastic is used in a neckline casing for off-the-shoulder tops. You can create smocking effects using a very thin braided elastic. Braided elastic is most suitable for rucking on ruffles, necklines, sleeve hems, smocking, and clothing for children.

Knit Elastics & Uses

Knit Elastic:

Knit elastic is a great option to use. Knit elastic is very soft and comfortable in touch and will not get narrow when stretched because it does not have as much rubber or fiber in the product as a braided or woven elastic. It is commonly sewn inside of fabric but can be also sewn directly on the cloth.

How To Use:

This type is very common and most people sewing waistbands will recognize this type instantly. Knit elastic is soft against the skin so it can be sewn directly to the fabric without a casing. It makes a great option for items such as pajama pants or headbands, where the elastic will be touching the skin.

Woven Elastics & Uses

Woven Elastic:

By the nature of its construction, a woven elastic is a high-strength material that bends and moves with everyday use. However, it retains width as it stretched. This elastic band is so strong that can be suitable for heavy-duty applications.

How To Use:

Woven Elastic can be used in both a casing or sewn through. It is better suited with medium to heavyweight fabric. This elastic can be used in all applications since it retains its width when stretched lengthwise. This type of elastic is great to use in skirts and pants as it doesn’t overstretch and lose its shape. However, it is more suitable for waist casing, typically used in home decor projects as well as in bags.

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