What Are The Different Types Of Lanyard Clips

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What Are The Different Types Of Lanyard Clips

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There are a lot of types of clips that are used with lanyards these days.  Lanyards are basically a ribbon that has a clip on their end.  Lanyards are used extensively in almost all departments of life for instance healthcare personnel. Lanyards are used to hold different types of cards like ID cards around the neck. What Are the Different Types of Lanyard Clips? There are multiple types of clips that are used with lanyards and some of them at Austin Trim are lobster claw clasp, Swivel J Hook, and bulldog clip.

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List OF 3 Types OF Lanyard Clips

  1. Lobster Claw Clasp
  2. Swivel J Hook
  3. Bulldog Clip

Lobster Claw Clasp

Lobster claw clip is also known as a lobster clasp, lobster claw, bocklebee clasp, leg hand frank, and trigger clasp. It is a type of fastener that works and is held through a lever primarily through a fingernail.  A metal clip with the shape of a lobster claw is latched and unlatched by pushing down the clip. The lobster claw is used to attach to lanyards, jewelers, chains, and keychains and they are mostly used in bracelets and necklaces. It has a pinching mechanism which is why it is called a lobster claw. It is a common clasp used in necklaces. It is way heavier and stronger than other types of clasps.

Swivel J Hook

It is a type of clasp that is used to connect different things like lanyards, or any anchor. It can easily be rotated vertically as well as horizontally. It has a thin wire clip that usually rotates to the degree of 360.  It is also an ideal clasp for jewelry, lanyards, keychains, and another type of chains. It moves easily so it is perfect for jewelry.

Bulldog Clip

It has a metal clip that holds or grips the card or badge with grooved teeth. It is used as a temporary but firm kind of connection for ID cards or papers. It has a handle and jaw that are pressed together to keep things together by force. The user presses the handle to open the jaws that are clasped together with the force of the spring. It is often attached to a clipboard.

You Can Attach Whistles, Badges, And Cards With Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are to be used with other cards or badges because they have a clip that attached itself to the card. Lanyards are customizable and versatile. You can easily design them to match your brand image and they can be designed in various colors. The lanyards seem very professional and organized. They are an amazing way of boosting and promoting your company among the masses and are an amazing way to keep check of your ID. Lanyards are practical and easy to wear and they are good for loyalty and customer satisfaction

The Material Used In The Lanyard Ribbon

The different materials for the custom lanyard are dye-sublimated, woven jacquard, nylon, and polyester. Polyester is the most popular option for lanyard material. It is very durable and comfortable to wear.  Nylon is the most common choice for lanyards as the material is more comfortable, smooth, and affordable. Dye sublimated material is great if the customer wants lanyards in different colors to make them more appealing and vibrant.  Woven jacquard material gives a sophisticated and elegant look to the lanyard. They are the more expensive option, and because of this, they are more durable.

How Can You Use A Custom Lanyard To Promote Your Business?

Everywhere we look, we might see some professionals wearing such identification clearly showing that they belong to some academic or healthcare organization. Now a lot of schools asks their students to wear ID card and for that lanyards are required as well. Most of the school has their name printed on the lanyard. Businesses and companies want their employees to wear their identity cards around their necks so they can be identified easily. As a result of this need, there is a massive demand for new and unique types of lanyards.


In this article, we discussed What Are the Different Types of Lanyard Clips? There are multiple types of clips that are used with lanyards and some of them at Austin Trim are lobster claw clasp, Swivel J Hook, and bulldog clip.

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