Secure Your Pins In Style: Exploring Different Types Of Pin Backs

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Secure Your Pins In Style: Exploring Different Types Of Pin Backs

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Pin backs are an essential component of enamel pins, not only for their functionality but also for their contribution to the overall aesthetics and security of the pin. Choosing the right pin back ensures that your pins stay securely in place while adding a touch of style. In this article, we delve into the world of pinbacks and explore different types available, each with its unique features and benefits. Secure Your Pins In Style: Exploring Different Types Of Pin Backs. Along the way, we’ll hear from pin enthusiasts who appreciate the importance of selecting the right pin back for their cherished collections.

Exploring Different Types of Pin Backs

Butterfly Clutch

The butterfly clutch is one of the most common and traditional types of pinbacks. It consists of a metal clutch with two wings that can be squeezed together to secure the pin. This classic design provides a secure hold while remaining easy to attach and remove from clothing or accessories.

“I prefer butterfly clutch pin backs for their simplicity and reliability. They give me peace of mind, knowing that my pins won’t accidentally come off. Plus, they have a timeless appeal that complements both vintage and modern designs.”

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches, also known as PVC clutches, are a popular alternative to butterfly clutches. They feature a rubber or silicone material that provides a tight grip on the pin post. Rubber clutches are known for their flexibility, durability, and enhanced security, making them a preferred choice for active individuals or those who want extra protection for their pins.

 “Rubber clutches are my go-to pin backs because they offer a secure hold even during vigorous activities. I can wear my pins on backpacks, hats, or jackets without worrying about them coming loose. The added peace of mind is priceless.”

Locking Pin Backs

Locking pin backs, also called safety pin backs or deluxe pin backs, are designed for maximum security. They feature a spring-loaded mechanism that locks the pin in place once attached. To remove the pin, you must release the locking mechanism, providing an extra layer of protection against accidental detachment.

For my most prized and valuable pins, I use locking pin backs. They give me peace of mind, especially when attending events or conventions where my pins might get bumped or jostled. The added security ensures that my cherished pins stay right where they belong.”

Magnetic Backs

Magnetic pin backs utilize magnets to hold the pin in place. They consist of two separate pieces: one with a magnet and the other with a metal plate. When the two pieces are brought together, the magnetic force securely locks the pin. Magnetic backs are known for their convenience and ease of use, as they eliminate the need for pinpricks or small parts to attach and remove.

 “I love magnetic pin backs because they’re so effortless to use. They’re great for people with sensitivities or those who want a quick and painless way to wear their pins. Plus, the magnets are strong enough to keep the pins in place, even on thicker fabrics.”

Collectible Appeal

Enamel pins have gained popularity as collectible items due to their unique designs and limited-edition releases. Many enthusiasts enjoy building a collection of pins, trading or displaying them, and discovering new and rare designs. By gifting enamel pins, you may even ignite a new collecting passion in someone, adding an exciting dimension to their hobbies.

Some enamel pins manufacturers and sellers actively support charitable causes or social initiatives. By purchasing pins from these organizations, you can contribute to a meaningful cause and make a positive impact on society. This aspect adds an additional layer of significance to the gift, as the recipient knows that their pins have played a part in making a difference.


Choosing the right pin back is not only a matter of functionality but also an opportunity to enhance the overall style and security of your enamel pins. Secure Your Pins In Style: Exploring Different Types Of Pin Backs Whether you opt for the classic butterfly clutch, the reliable rubber clutch, the extra security of locking pinbacks, or the convenience of magnetic backs, each type offers unique advantages to suit different preferences and needs. So, the next time you add a new pin to your collection or create custom pins, consider the various pin-back options available and select the one that best fits your style and ensures your pins stay securely in place

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