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There are multiple different ways to design your custom patch. One of is most suitable options is the addition of the Metallic Thread to your custom design patch. Making custom Metallic Thread patches is easy when you partner with Austin Trim. Our passion is bringing the benefits of on-demand manufacturing to everyone. Metallic Threads are usually having or showing lofty dignity or nobility, it has been popular since ancient times. Metallic thread custom patches are a great way to enhance the visual appearance of your patches. These are widely used in making uniforms for various private schools or military branches.

These threads occur in a variety of hues such as gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold. These unique threads are certain to make your brand. Some companies choose embroidered patches with Metallic Threads when designing high-end jackets. Why use Metallic Threads? It gives your garment high-end finishes and easily attracts customers to your business. Metallic Threads make custom patches look more beautiful, more refined, and unique. Custom patches created with Metallic Threads stand out more. Metallic Thread will make your patch even cleaner, it will give your design a refined look. These types of threads give a gloss surface that offers a beautiful and bold touch. Metallic Threads are also popular for more complex patterns.

Designing the patch using metallic threads

They reflect the details of the design, adding a clean contrast. Our custom patches are very popular and can be used for sports terns as well as varsity jackets and uniforms. Try not to hesitate to contact us. We make designing and ordering custom patches easy and effortless.

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