Importance of Hang tags for selling products

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Importance of Hangtags for selling products

Last Updated on April 27, 2023 by bilal

Hang Tags are a portable extension to the most stylish stock you are selling. They serve as a source of brand remembrance for a customer. These are usually marked on the textile brand and present useful brand learning. More useful tags will often include UPC codes and prices, but some labels are as creative as the items they’re attached to. Distinctive finishes like Spot UV and inline foil grasp attention.


Here’s a list of info you may want to include on your tag:

  • Logo or brand name
  • Tagline
  • Website
  • Product information
  • Price
  • UPC Code
  • Contact information
  • Care instructions
  • Social media


  • We print Hang Tags on rolls with an easy tear-off feature for pricing and sales promotion.
  • We print barcodes on the paper labels to track tour product well.
  • We offer thermal transfer, and flexo printing methods which are also suitable for paper hang tags.
  • We also provide custom printed Tags for clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, and gift baskets!

You can choose custom shapes, and colors depending on your product demand goes along rich with offset methods we do offer for print with a maximum weight of 400 gr/m2. The Swing Tags are generally manufactured with paper of various with variety in sizes and colors. The shape can vary to add a unique taste. You can communicate Austin trim for free advice on the most suitable hand tag for your product.

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