How To Remove Stickers From Metal Wd40

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How To Remove Stickers From Metal Wd40

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Custom Stickers are very fantastic and magical in their ability to lighten the mood and make people laugh over, and adore the cuteness and uniqueness of their style and design. Custom clear stickers are good for water bottles, product labels, shampoo bottles, car windows, mirrors, and another such items. They are transparent so they have the ability to match anything and everything.

But things get annoying when you want to take them off but they leave stains behind. How to remove stickers from metal wd40? Sometimes when you take the stickers off some residue is left behind which is very annoying to remove easily. For that matter a lot of tips and tricks are available and one of them is using wd40.

How To Remove Stickers From Metal Wd40 Application?

More than often when you apply a sticker on any surface the adhesive is so strong that when you take the sticker off some residue or adhesive is left behind. Or sometimes when you buy a product that has a sticker on it like glasses and when you take them off some part of the sticker is left behind and it gets messy and sticky and does not look good.

It requires some determination to remove all that residue but these steps will help you to get rid of all the adhesive residue on the surface or any other product. So let us get started!

First Solution: Use Soap And Water

To remove the left behind an adhesive residue of a sticker a good old soap comes to the rescue. Using some soap with a little water will clean the residue instantly with a little rubbing. But this solution does not guarantee a complete cleaning of that surface and if you are using it on glassware then the sparkling finish can be affected by this solution.

Second Solution: Using Nail Polish Remover Or Rubbing Alcohol

Using nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol helps a lot in removing the sticker completely from any metal surface. First, you need to soak a piece of fabric or towel with alcohol or nail polish remover and wrap it around the surface where the sticker is applied. After thirty minutes take off the towel and wipe the surface.

This method needs a lot of time and attempts to completely get rid of the residue and stickiness of the stickers from any surface.

Solution Three: Use Of Cooking Oil

Another method to remove the residue sticker is using cooking oil and rubbing it over the stubborn gunk to clean the surface completely. It requires a lot of willpower and time.

Solution Four: Using WD-40

All the solutions mentioned above seem easy but they are not effective rather they take up a lot of effort, will power and time and they may not give you the best results. So it is time to turn towards the wd40 which is made exactly for removing stubborn residue from the sticker. So lets us get started with the steps of this solution

1st Step

Wd-40 is a multi-usage product that is very effective and easy to use to remove any sticker stain on metal surfaces, steel, glass, plastic, or wood. It does not damage the surface in any way so it is completely safe to use.

2nd Step

It involves spraying the wd40 on the surface where you have the sticker stain. Make sure that the whole surface is covered with the wd40 solution.

3rd Step

Now left the surface soaking for some time and let the product do its magic. It is recommended to leave the solution on the surface for 6 to 8 minutes.

4th Step

It’s time to scrub the residue off. Get a sponge or cloth and scrub it nicely and gently to get the sticker off completely. When the sticker is off wash the surface with water. The solution f wd40 will wash off easily and leave the surface clean and shiny like before.


In this segment, we discussed how to remove stickers from metal wd40. Wd40 is a product that is multi-purpose and is great for removing sticker stains from any surface any metal, plastic, wood, or glass.


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