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How to Remove Iron-on Patches

Iron-on patches are just perfect and very easy to handle. One of the many benefits of an iron-on patch is that it’s not permanent. With a little effort, you can remove the patch to replace it with another item or to restore the original look of the garment. All you need is a little heat or any adhesive remover and then you are good to go.


Apply Heat
To remove the patch, you need to apply heat to soften the glue. In order to do that, place a piece of cotton fabric on the ironing table. Then place the garment you want to remove the patch on the ironing table with the fabric glue side of the patch on the top of the cotton cloth. Start ironing slowly until you see that the cotton cloth adheres to the glue. Then you’ll see the glue will start peeling off the cotton fabric. Repeat the process until the iron-on the patch is removed.

Use a Chemical Solvent
If you are facing a tough time in removing the iron-on patch, you may be able to remove it with an adhesive chemical solvent. Always apply the solvent chemical on another rough fabric to make sure the solvent won’t damage the original garment. If the things went all good then turn the garment inside out and apply the solvent chemical to the area at the back of the patch. Don’t harm yourself! Always apply the chemical with a cotton cloth. Let the adhesive chemical sit on the fabric as long as the instructions specify.



Removing the Remaining Glue
After you remove the iron-on patch, you’ll notice some residual glue on the fabric. Always remember to test on a rough fabric before applying it to the original garment. Let the solvent set on the remaining glue until you find it removes easily. Wipe it out with a clean towel and wash your garment once before you wear it.

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