How to Iron-on Patches to any Part of Apparel

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How to Iron-on Patches to any Part of Apparel

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You have entrusted us with the sample and ordered patches of your preference intended to cling on your selling appeal products. Here at Austin Trim, We have struggled laboriously on the process and delivered your parcel, including perfect pieces. Now you have decided to iron-on your custom emblems on the material skillfully. When you see it neatly attached, this is worth you paid for.
Our customers are essential for us, even after dealing. And we assume it as after-sale service to make you well aware of the actions. We are going to give you step by step guidance on how to iron-on a custom patch to any article of cloth.

So, let’s start the adventure with Austin TrimThings You Will Need:

    • Iron (Temperature controller iron)
    • Ironing Board (Flat Surface)
    • Your unique custom iron-on patch
    • Clean Washcloth or Tea toweling

Step 1: The piece of clothing; you have chosen to attach the emblem necessity to be well cleaned and ironed.

Step 2: The Iron you are using should be fixed correctly onto the desired fabric. Let say, if your clothing is a cotton material, make sure to set the Iron to cotton so that it might not harm the cloth.

Step 3: Select the smooth surface for the entire process. Now iron the area of cloth where you wanted to fasten the patch, minimum for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4: Now place the emblem correctly on the heated place, make sure to settle it in the right place, it must be the center of the section (if it’s a pocket).Now you need to cover the emblem with the tea towel or piece of washed cloth. Run the Iron over the fabric in slow motion at least for one minute.

Step 5: Remove the cloth and check if the patch is appended correctly to the material. If it doesn’t happen, you need to repeat the entire steps from 1-5.

Step 6: Turn the clothing inside out and iron the area again for half a minute in languid motion.

Step 7: Allow the cloth to get cold and test if it attached perfectly.

More comfortable than you imagine? We hope you would find it more straightforward, and you will try yourself to iron-on patch on your favorite cloth confidently. Austin always trim endeavors to make things feasible for its customers. Visit us to know more at Austin trim.

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