How To Choose The Best Plating For Your Lapel Pins?

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5 types of Lapel pins

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Lapel pins are available in a variety of finishes. Plating refers to the metal used for pins, it can be either 100% metal or a combination of color enamels. Plating is an important part of the production process, in which an extra layer of metal is added onto the outside of the lapel pin. When a lapel pin is being created it is formed from either a mold or a metal shape stamp. That is what gives the pin its shape. The choice of plating can enhance the appearance and finish of your lapel pin, Austin Trim provides multiple options depending on your design and preference. In this article, we will introduce you to various plating options so you can determine the one best suited to your needs.
Hard Enamel Pins

A polished plating provides a shiny, reflective surface. Austin Trim can provide many different polishes including gold, copper, brass, silver, nickel, or black nickel. The pins are electroplated with your choice of plating. Then buffed to a mirror shine. The raised areas of the lapel pins can be polished and recessed areas can be matte or textured.

An antique plating has a less flashy finish and is perfect for intricate designs with many metal elements in close proximity. This creates the contrast needed to highlight details in your design. This is the best plating for die-struck pins or designs with raised and recessed metal.

Two-tone plating offers the opportunity to combine two different styles to create a distinctive look. The main benefit of using two-tone plating is it gives an option to use two different platings at the same time.  Typically silver and gold are the standard plating options for our pins but we have many metal colors available.

A painted coating is best suited for simple and delicate designs. You may want the coating to match with your design just to avoid the visible line that plating exhibits around the outside, so there is plenty of room for creativity.

Rainbow plating is trending recently. This is done through a process is called ‘’anodizing’’. The metal pin is carefully cleaned and prepared for the anodizing process. A chemical reaction with electricity produces an amazing rainbow effect on the metal lapel pin. Rainbow plating is created by a process in which an electrical charge is passed through the metal while it is submerged in a chemical solution. The result is a dynamic finish that changes color when viewed from different angles. This process only takes a few seconds to change the color of the metal.

Need help with your Metal Pins Plating options?

If you need additional information or would like a quote for your custom lapel pins, please reach out to us at Austin trim We will help you choose the best plating based on your requirements.


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