How much are military patches worth

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Military patches are seemingly a simple and common item in life. Still, the surprising fact is how difficult it is to select a perfect military patch when you are browsing through the aisles of different military surplus or supply stores. Military patches are great collectibles, and you must have wondered how much are military patches worth So, the original military labels can be for less or more than $5.

Military patches are great to put on jackets, uniforms, and backpacks. Military patches come in a variety of designs, logos, styles, sizes, and colours, so there is a huge variety when selecting some military patches. Apart from that, custom military patches are also made so you can add your own ideas to the product.

How much are military patches worth? Is this a question that still needs to be answered? Every military patch is different from the other because of different departments like the army, navy, and air force, and their worth depends upon the fact if they are classics or not.

Military patches have an important purpose in every military organization. The military includes the air force, marines, coast guard, navy, and army, and they all wear uniforms that need military patches that will signify some specific logo and other design. So if you are thinking about how many military patches are worth? then custom patches are pretty affordable if you buy them wholesale.

How Much Are Military Patches Worth In 2022?


Military patches can be pretty expensive if they are classic or originals of World War I and World War I. They can be available in bulk by various businesses, and how much are military patches worth depend upon their material, use, and quality. Patches are important for every army, no matter the country or category.

Military patches often have the national flag on them with different logos, guns, or other designs.

Unique Military Patches

Embroidery patches are very versatile, and they are not only used as identification or decoration but also great for military patches. Military patches have a great history behind them because they tell a lot about the country’s endeavours. Military patches are great collectibles and can be considered rare items.

Military patches for uniform

Patches are important for soldiers because they signify a lot for them in the field. Furthermore, military patches offer sophistication, elegance, and adornment to all the uniforms. Military patches usually show the different positions and ranks and also signify branches of the army or military. Military patches are truthfully an indispensable accessory for a soldier’s uniform.

Military patches are created for all categories and branches of armed forces. Military patches are manufactured by embroidery with guns, flags, and different texts.

Army Unit Military Patches

Army unit military patches will look awesome with great quality material. These military patches will be great to show your rank in any branch like the air force, coast guard, navy, and marines. These patches can be made in different materials like PVC, woven, and embroidered.

Military patches that are made with embroidery have a glossy polyester thread and good weight. These are considered timeless embroidered patches that will make the design and logo look great on the patch, which looks amazing and classy on the uniform.

The woven military patches will be great if you want to highlight minute details in the design. They are made in color, which makes the patches more appealing. PVC patches are a great option for tactical gear, and they will avoid any type of wear and tear.

Morale Patches

Morale patches are usually used to encourage and showcase pride, attitude, honour, and spirit. They are considered the traditional part of military patches apart from the patches of ranks, name tapes, units, combat awards, and other badges.

Because of their popularity, morale patches are used widely in other fields like brotherhoods, sports, education, and other fields. Morale patches can be made in various sizes, different colours, shapes, borders, and backing options. They are made in 2D and 3D effects, and they are flexible, strong, and durable.

Aviation Patches

Aviation patches are used by different air forces, civilians, and military forces as well. Aviation patches are created with woven material, PVC material, and embroidery material. All these materials are great for aviation patches because they display the design outstandingly and also avoid any damage. Aviation patches will look good with all this material, and they can be made in different styles, colours, and designs to highlight your rank and position.

Flag Patches

Flag patches are also a type of military patch that can be made with embroidery. Flag patches can be custom-made, so there are a lot of options to personalize the patch. These patches are effortless to make because not much design or colours are needed to make them.

Flag patches are a great way to show support for your organization, country, company, or state by making a custom patch of the flag. All it takes to make a custom flag patch is a logo and idea, and then the designer will execute your idea in a product. The designer will also guide you about your flag patch’s best colours and materials.

Multicam Patches

Multicam patches are also a type of military patches that can be made in woven material, embroidered material, printed material, and PVC material. They have various backing options like sewing and Velcro that will help you to easily apply the patch on your tactical gear, shirts, jackets, and shirts.

 Unique Military Patches

You can sew on Multicam patches, iron them or have a backing of Velcro. Furthermore, the adhesive backing option is also available for these kinds of patches. Such patches can be created with a huge range of combinations of colour palettes and colour schemes. But the choice of colours depends upon your likes and references and the authoritative presence of the combat uniforms.

The three types of Multicam patches based on colour are

  • Multicam alpine.
  • Multicam arid.
  • Multicam tropic.

Flight Suit Military Patches

Flight suits are another kind of military patch that is also custom-made for different military organizations and for civilians also. These patches are also made with PVC material, woven material, and embroidered method, making them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

The History Of Military Patches

Military patches are a very beautiful and striking symbol that is awarded to both men and women for their services in the different branches of military-like navy, air force, marines, etc. military patches have been used since the Roman era to rank the guard and other soldiers for their service and efforts. The different functions of military patches are

  • They are used for the communication and showcasing of rank. They also show the division or army the soldier was fighting for.
  • Military patches instil fighting spirit and pride in the soldiers. They are a standard under which the soldier remains inspired.
  • Military leaders and royalty are awarded special patches and badges to soldiers for their commendable service in the significant events.


Military patches are important for every soldier to distinguish their rank and position in the field. Military patches are a great way to produce spirit, pride, and attitude in the military soldier, and they also give them a sophisticated and elegant look. So a soldier’s uniform is incomplete without military badges. So the worth depends upon the originality and custom order.

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