Get Exciting Christmas Patches Deals

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Get Exciting Christmas Patches Deals

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Patches are things that have unlimited uses in the clothing and apparel industry, and turning these patches into a vast profit is pretty easy than some people might think. Get exciting christmas patches deals at Austin Trim. We make the best custom patches that are creative, trendy, and sophisticated. If you order patches in bulk, the cost will be low compared to small quantities. Get exciting christmas patches deals can be made on millions of ideas, and they can be about movies, the military, sports, tv-shows, travel destinations, classic movies, and bands. The single thing is proven and sure these small patches mean big or serious business.

Austin Trim makes unique, budget-friendly, and impressive custom patches that will take your brand to new heights. So why wait when you have such a great opportunity to avail yourself? Place your order with us right now!

Christmas Patches Deals On Our Different Types Of Custom Patches

Many different types of patches available nowadays in the market make a choice for the customer hard and accessible at a similar time because there are many options for you to show your ideas. The various patches vary based on their function, creation, and the material used to create them.

The different types of custom patches provided by Austin Trim are:

  • Embroidery patches.
  • Chenille patches.
  • Leather patches.
  • Woven patches.
  • Blank patches.
  • Name patches.
  • Iron-On patches.
  • Bullion patches.
  • Velcro patches.
  • Airsoft patches.
  • Printed patches.
  • PVC patches

The Manufacturing Of Custom Patches At Austin Trim

So now, we will move to the manufacturing process of custom patches for clothing and apparel. The first thing is to select an idea or an artwork and then give it to the graphic designer to make the same artwork. In this step, you must also select the text font and design according to your preferences.

The next step involves selecting a suitable fabric for the clothing label. For custom woven labels, you can choose between damask material, satin, and taffeta material. The final step is to choose the backing option you like best for your woven label. You can choose between adhesive, sew-on, iron-on, and Velcro. Sew-on backing is more permanent and durable than Velcro and adhesive.

Embroidery Patches

Embroidery is the art of adorning fabric or some different material with yarn or thread. Embroidery patches are durable fabric and backing designed with raised vibrant embroidery threads of multiple colors.

Woven Patches

Woven patches are ideal for such designs that need intricate detailing. These patches are one-dimensional, so that is the reason there being not bulky compared to embroidery patches. Woven patches can also be applied inside accessories and clothing because they are fragile and compact.

PVC Patches

PVC patches are a modern substitute for embroidered patches made from durable plastic. PVC is versatile and comes in a massive range of colors that can bring a new appeal to any of your custom design patches.

Airsoft Patches

If you take a deep look at the uniform of airsoft players, you will observe that they have their team airsoft patches on their vests or shoulder. You must have seen an image of patches on the internet or somewhere else, but you must be thinking about whether airsoft patches have any real purpose.

Bullion Patches

Custom bullion patches are made with a tighter weave and thinner threads than embroidery patches. In the manufacturing of bullion patches, the weave of the thread design is done directly over the patch instead of creating the design on the thick fabric over the fabric backing.


In this segment, we talked about the exciting Christmas patch deals at Austin Trim. We make the best custom patches that are creative, trendy, and sophisticated. If you order patches in bulk, the cost will be low compared to small quantities.

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