Elastic Bands Play A Important Role In All Walks Of Life

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by hamza

An elastic band is made from a series of rubber, the rubber is either natural or synthetic rubber. It has significant value for use in the textile industry because of its excellent elongation and recovery properties. The use of elastic yarn in fabric manufacturing gave new life to the use of elastic fabric in fashionable garments as well as it plays an important role in all walks of life. Do not underestimate the small elastic band, its effect is very big. Now all walks of life can not do without this small rubber material band. Many researchers reveal that it is extremely important in compressive garments which are becoming an important and growing part of the medical textile industry. Nowadays it is also of great importance in medical application.

Using Elastic Band During Workout

First of all, many of the health chairs we sit on also have elastic band, it helps us to relieve fatigue after a long day. Elastic bands are also used for school bags. Even on a puppy leash, you can find an elastic band around its neck to prevent it from getting lost. A resistance band also demonstrates the elastic force in the best possible manner. It is most commonly used in gyms to perform muscle stretching and other related exercises. The resistance is nothing but the elastic force. Even though, Some of our body organs display the elastic force in action. For instance, when we eat food and the digestion process begins, we can easily observe the ability of our stomach to stretch. Elasticity is essential in our body in order to avoid stiffness and enable flexibility. The stretched muscles, however, eventually return to their original shape with time. Therefore, the elastic band plays a very important role in our daily life, and it is a daily necessity.

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